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I have a friend who is embracing her gray, over a year now and she wants to try the curly girl method. Problem is from dyeing her hair she developed PPD allergy and now is having issues with other hair products (poos & conditioners, gels). She tried the Deva line and yesterday the Deva Angel made her itch and I believe same problem with the other Deva Products.

I want to help her embrace her curls but I need some advice from anyone with PPD allergy and now product allergies. What to stay away from whether its the product or ingredients. I've learned to read ingredient labels now! Yay! What do you recommend. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

BTW, I am one year dye free now!!!! Still a little color on the ends. Need to update pics and info and catch up here!!!

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I don't have PPD allergy, but I do have rosacea and pretty significant skin allergies. I was allergic to CK, anything Bioterra, original Shea M li to name a few. Very common chemical allergy in products is propylene glycol.

My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies. I stay away from a lot of chemicals, especially polyquats.
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