Model Christy Turlington Can't Wait to Turn 50...I can

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Christy Turlington, 44, poses in sexy lingerie, says she

Maybe they should ask her again when she is 49 I am now 49 and a bit nervous about turning 50 and experiencing that new decade. What can I expect? I am thinking menopause could be an adjustment but also a relief...
Just skimmed over the article and am not quite sure why she can't wait to turn 50, odd thing to say.
I just turned 50 last month, no biggie (so far!). That said, I suddenly seem to be getting hot flushes and my period is a week overdue, not like me at all. I feel like you - it will be an adjustment and a relief. I'm hoping more a relief.
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Lol. Me too. Unfortunately time waits for no woman.
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I agree they should ask her in a few more years. She looks like she did 20 years ago but she takes care of herself and has great genes. The only thing that gives her away is her thinness in her face. Younger faces even thin ones tend to be plumper.

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Just mentioning what you all probably already know, menopause varies a lot. I had a few hot flashes, no biggie, no night sweats. After about 6 months they became much less frequent. I didn't gain weight, have mood swings, have "senior moments" or any other weird symptoms.

I was lucky. My sister suffered a lot with hot flashes and night sweats and took estrogen. I think the fact that I had been exercising since I turned 40 and she was very sedentary made some of the difference.

For me, menopause was a walk in the park compared with period cramps.

Stay active and keep doing things you enjoy! Your 50's may surprise you. I'm looking at 68 and happier than at many other times in my life.
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Every day is a gift
50 was one of my favorite years of my life. I just loved that year.
Every year is what you make of it. I've had some great years and some craptastic years and everything in between. Age had nothing to do with any of it.
There's only one alternative to turning 50. And that's being 6 feet under. So we all need to ignore the 'youth is everything' mindset and learn to enjoy every minute we're here.
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Thanks for your responses! I think basically we need to enjoy our lives and not think so much about the particular age we are and try to ignore society's pressure on women to stay forever young.
I say this to myself daily. It does not seem to be curbing my fear of fifty.
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Jeepy hit the nail on the head. I will be 50 in July. I don't fear it in the least. Considering the alternative, I will take 50, 60, 70, 80. Thank you very much.

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I turned 51 earlier this year. I don't find the 50s to be that big of a deal at all...not so far anyway. I feel great (daily swimming probably helps that) and I'm really happy with the way I look...something I don't think I could say in my younger years. There's something really freeing about being of a certain age and not having to worry so ridiculously much about appearance. And, I absolutely LOVE menopause, which happened at 49 for me. That was no big deal, other than a few hot flashes, and I've really learned how to control them. It's all good. I see the next 10 years being fantastic as my children finish growing up and leaving the nest.

My best childhood friend died at 44 (from breast cancer). She didn't get to see 50. I feel like I'm living for the both of us and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Life is way too short to spend it worrying about getting older.
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I turn 51 on Wed. So far, I'm loving my 50's. I feel much less pressure to look and be a certain way. At the same time, I continue to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. I think this is key: keep moving, eat well, stay healthy and remain positive.
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50?? oh it is so LAST DECADE....age 51 sucked for me. broke 2 ankles in 1 yr between nov 2000 and sept 2001. vowed to hike more and farther until i couldn't. so far so good, 63 now and doing great. just gotta lose those 30 pounds...
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