How old is too old to wear beanies?

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Hello All,

I have a question about wearing beanies. How old is too old to wear beanies? I am in my 40s.

Thank you for your advice in advance.
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It's not your age it's how you wear them.
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How should 40 year olds wear beanies?
combo hair: dry hair/oily scalp
Never too old! Especially hand knit ones

As long as there's no propellers on top, I think you're good.
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A beanie is just a hat, people of all ages can wear hats.
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Well you all know what I'll say to this - you are never too old to wear anything you want to wear.
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Thank you so much ladies. I just do not want to look like I am trying too hard.

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combo hair: dry hair/oily scalp
I am thinking that a silk beanie under my motorcycle helmet (although I ride a 49cc scooter in the warm weather) may be just the thing to preserve my waves/curls. I'll be getting one from here in the spring
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My grandmother wore beanies at the age of 89!!! I wear them a lot now, since the weather is colder!
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I'm 53 and I still wear them.
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I'm older than her ^^ and I crochet them and wear them.
How should 40 year olds wear beanies?
Originally Posted by Coily
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Thanks to all.
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combo hair: dry hair/oily scalp
We are never too old to wear beanies. Don't over think this age thing. It really is just a number. I wear anything that I want to as long as it doesn't look slutty and that was my same motto when I was in my 20's. Just make sure YOU like the way you look. Haters do exist so there will always be someone to complain but don't worry about them. I love to wear beanies during the winter months, especially on a bad hair day!
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Oh gosh..., I just ordered another beanie and I never knew I was doing something daring for my age I think they look better on me than any other style of hat, I get a lot of complements on my beanies too. I am completely fashion ignorant, so when I see something that looks great on me I grab it and wear it Age wise I trust myself not too like anything too crazy

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