A TJ Maxx cashier suggested I shop on Mondays....

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If your pic is current I can't see why that happened... maybe you were also looking tired? I know when I first get up I do look my age but like Ms. Cabernet I've had the opposite experience, first time I wanted to take advantage of the "senior discount" (55) a year ago or little over I was "carded"... can't deny it made me feel good! I've gained 10 lbs. since then so I wonder if they'd ask now...
For 10% off for 55+!!!!!!!

Me: "but I'm not 55..."

Her: "well, I'm only 54, but they don't check IDs or anything. Giggle, giggle"

Me: "I'm 39."

Her: silence.

I'm rethinking this growing out the gray thing right about now!!!
Originally Posted by chloe92us
Ouch! But thanks for the tip! I'm 59... guess I will shuffle on by there.
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Yikes! She meant well but should probably think before she speaks next time.
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I agree with the majority! You look young and beautiful in your profile picture Sincerely you do. People usually start having grey hairs a while before 55, so I'm not even sure what planet she is living on. Please don't worry about it. <3

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