Body part hardest hit by age/gravity?

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Generally speaking, once one gets onto a solid fitness program with resistance(weights, really challenging body weight work, whatever)one does become aware that diet is right along in there - pardon me if I didn't mention that. In my book, the two go hand in hand, a given, in fact. People usually end up cleaning up their diet sooner or later once they get on the fitness bandwagon.
Yes, sufficient protein is important, whether one is omnivous, or vegetarian(I'm mostly vegetarian myself). However, a recent study came out that consuming even 10-20% protein in one's diet, especially animal protein, in middle age actually dramatically increases one's cancer risk. Maybe I was on the right track all along in this what with being largely vegetarian and getting a lot of produce in over the years.
However, after the age of 65, increased protein in one's diet is actually beneficial, for the very reasons CGsince2002 says. I do try to get in some more protein now, since I'll be 67 in June. I do eat eggs and seafood. Poultry was the last meat I gave up some years ago. I've been OFF red meat for more than 30 years and I shudder at the thought of eating it. Even one bite sat in my tummy. However, I've started to dip my toe back into eating at least a tiny bit of poultry, like in soup again, and it's possible that I could work back up to eating a whole piece of chicken or turkey once again. But my arms are still firm, and my legs are like rocks, so I must not be doing TOO bad on that score, along with the working out over the years.
About not being able to get away with anything dietwise as we age, that's absolutely true! One thing that is absolute fact, is that for each decade beyond 40, is that we require 200 calories less per day to maintain our weight. Add in menopause to the mix, and you see where this is going. The perfectly healthy diet that was wonderful for you when you were 40, is now fattening you, because it's now simply too much food for your needs. So with necessary calorie reduction, in order to fulfill one's nutritional needs, there's NO room for junk. Some people notice that they're much less tolerant of carbs in their diet too.
To the person with the high cholesterol despite being at a low weight, after menopause, cholesterol and blood sugar often rise, even in people who previously had perfectly healthy, even low readings. You're wise to stay away from statins - they come with more risks than benefits for many people. My husband tried to take them and within only 3 days he felt weak. For people who work out, this is NOT good. There are horror stories out there about people who persisted with statins and had so much muscle deterioration they had to go on rehab programs. NOT good.
My skin. It's like it turned weird overnight. Ugh. Depressing.
"My skin. It's like it turned weird overnight. Ugh. Depressing."

@chupie: Did it just get very very dry and crepe-y all of a sudden? This does happen to many women around menopause, or right after. It's surprising just how fast this can happen for some people too. Best thing to do, although this doesn't fix it entirely, is being sure you're very well-hydrated from the inside and getting enough EFA's(essential fatty acids)in your diet. Reason I say that is because people as they age naturally dry out. On a younger person, drinking a lot more water and taking EFAs wouldn't make that much of a difference because the stuff is still there, but in someone older, it DOES make a difference. Externally, about all one can do is keep it comfortable as far as dryness goes - rich moisturizing lotions and creams, not bathing in hot water, adding humidity in your dwelling if you live in a dry climate, etc. The main other depressing things for many are some combo of wrinkling, sun spots, and sagging. To what degree and what combo of these depends on one's lifestyle and genetics. In fact, as far as skin stuff goes, genetics really does come into it far more than many people think. I'm sure we all know someone with flawless skin that looks like she spent a mint on it, but no, this person often has the most minimal of routines and thinks that skin care in general is BS, while someone else "does all the right things" and still struggles with looking, well, just OK.
If one has lots of money one can have cosmetic procedures done, but a whole lot of us aren't even in that market anyway, nor do we even wish to be. It's a slippery slope because once one has something done, something else comes to one's attention to be done and there it goes. Which leads to the kind of pitiful people who really do look like they're trying too hard with all the procedures etc. But there's nothing wrong at all with doing something like that if it really does make one happy and look better, so there are two sides to the coing
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Yup. Dry and crepey like overnight. Suddenly I can use heavy moisturizers that used to just damp my skin. I'm sure it's not the worst skin for a fifty y.o. But it shocked me. Not like I've ever had to die for skin but I knew what it was doing!!
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The state of our skin has in part to do with the decline of hormones, which is a good reason to use small amount of bio-identical hormones even after menopause.

But how we take care of our skin is also extremely important.
The pic in my profile is a few years old but I was already way into my 50s but I think it shows pretty good skin and at the time some people thought I was still in my early 40s. I have combination skin on my face, with a pretty oily T-zone; the oils help preserve it but I also take reasonably good care of it. In the winter it can get dry, so I massage it with a combo of oils for 5-6 min. a couple of times a week shortly after I get up. I rarely put any soap on it, in the morning I only rinse it off, and at night I remove my MU either with a cream cleanser of a combination of baby shampoo and oil, and I also exfoliate several times a week. I don't use expensive creams, my moisturizer is one for babies made mostly of natural ingredients and my night cream is a progesterone cream to which sometimes I add Vit. E.

The skin of my body also looks pretty good for my age. I don't ever bathe or shower with hot water which dries out the skin and causes it to sag. During the winter,
I often scrub myself with a mixture of a cheap hair conditioner to which I add a good amount of oil instead of using body wash or soap, and as soon as I towel dry myself I put a good lotion on (I avoid mineral oil or petrolatum).

I also don't feel the need to wash my body every single day when it's cold, and coincidentally I read this yesterday. Like it says there, I just clean all the important parts on the days that I don't. And in case anyone's frowning, I
live alone, presently don't work and don't go out much. And when it warms up and I begin to shower daily (in the summer up to 3x) I don't put soap or body wash all over either. I like to use a back brush all over 2-3x a week to exfoliate all the dead skin.

I don't eat a lot of junk foods, and a couple of months ago I began drastically reducing my consumption of meat and now eat a lot of completely vegan meals. Despite my sweet tooth I try not to indulge too regularly because sugar can be very aging. I try to drink sufficient water throughout the day, always starting my day with a full glass of water, I even drink some before I go to bed even if it means having to get up after a few hours. I've also been taking quite a few supplements for practically all my life, and they include most of the ones that are good for the skin and hair. Oh, and I do facial exercises regularly too.

Now, if only I could get my nails to get stronger that would be great...I must be missing something because lately they are so brittle and ridged they break all the time.
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Pretty sure insurance won't pay for bio identical hormones. If I could even find a doc that agrees with that.
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I haven't had insurance for ages, so I've been ordering my estrogen on the internet, last time from eBay, quite affordable and took only 2 weeks coming from Asia. I only need to use a tiny bit and not even everyday so I grind the tabs and just put a little bit under my tongue so a couple of boxes can last me for several months. And for progesterone, I use a cream that can be ordered from a number of supplement stores or bought from a health food store.

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