Tips to get a haircut that makes you look younger

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7 Secrets To The Haircut That Will Make You Look Younger

Do you agree with the article?I think many of the famous women in the photos had some work done and that also makes them look younger!
Be that as it may about the celebrities and whatever work they've had done, the hair tips are spot on, IMO. They can be adjusted for individual texture and one's overall look too. A really good haircut CAN make a big difference! All too many mid-life women, especially the ones who are transitioning to grey, also will neglect hair cuts thinking what difference would it make, making them look more neglected than they need to, and throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. For myself, I'll scrimp on clothes(forever thrift-shopper here LOL), but I will NOT scrimp on haircuts. I think quite a few of us here at Naturally Curly could agree given that all kinds of waves and curls can be a real challenge to cut and not every cutter knows how.
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I also agree with the article. ESPECIALLY volume and layers.

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caramix -- i totally agree with scrimping on clothes but not on the haircut!! it's what i've been doing for the past several years. i call it 'vintage' clothing! however, i hate to shop, so not having the money to spend is not as big of a challenge as you would think.
i feel that the first thing anyone looks at is your hair, it's how you portray yourself. or maybe it's just me, but i can remember how a woman's hair looked without even realizing what she was wearing, LOL!
conversely, i think a woman can wear a great outfit but if her hair is ruddy-duddy, her overall appearance takes a dive.
in my opinion, of course. :-)
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@rbb - so glad to see a kindred spirit! I know for us artists(but I don't know if you're one too)we have to be creative in our clothes because we simply don't have the money LOL! Like you, I'm not a huge fan of shopping, especially these days as so many clothes are of appallingly poor quality. It's really taken a nosedive over the last few years - the crap is even ending up in the thrift and second-hand stores just as I feared it would, making it that much harder to find decent stuff.
I totally agree you about noticing hair first, and that a crappy haircut can ruin the best outfit, seriously.
I love my haircutter and have been going to him more than 7 years now here in San Francisco. I found him through the local Yelp. But he's a genius with any kind of hair, and color to boot. If I ever decide to transition out of coloring, I'd enlist his help!
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I agree that a great haircut is an excellent investment. The author of the article does have a good point about the layers being important and the volume of the hair. I used to think after I turned 50 that longer hair would make me look younger but it actually became thinner looking and had less movement and dragged me down and made me look older! Now I wear it around shoulder length with layers and I think it is more flattering on me.
I don't think any of them make people look younger, but I think they are all great tips for anyone of any age.
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