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The most powerful haircut in America - StyleList Photo Gallery

What do you think? Why are there no curlies here?
Originally Posted by koolkurl
My first thought was "marketing ploy", someone is very interested in pushing straight hair on women by making them think it'll help them get "to the top". Frankly, I didn't bother seeing the gallery once Hillary Clinton's face burned into my retina... I knew I'd probably be seeing more ugly "helmet hair"

I recently worked with a bleached, dried out blonde who felt sorry for me for having red wavy hair.
Originally Posted by claudine191
Sorry? Didn't you ever tell her you felt sorry for her? I truly despise bleached, one tone, dull hair, I think it looks totally cheap...

Why are we more powerful with less hair? More masculine, less sexual?
Originally Posted by claudine191
Probably so. First it was women wearing suits in men's drab colors, then the "corporate" hair...
@CurlyDiva71: I'm totally with you! So glad I've not been even NEAR the whole corporate thing. But I'm an artist anyway, and in mid-60s, so it's unlikely that I will LOL! Wearing my hair the way I want, which is 2c-3a in an inverted bob with bangs which suits me just fine. It's not corporate-looking at all LOL!
ugh I find that article really sexist, curly, straight, long, short, whatever, I don't care, its sexist.

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