my teeth are getting old


You look really happy in the pictures and look good! I also love your necklace!!
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Banjo.. your teeth look great! I always appreciate the minimalist approach as well! It looks as though your dentist was a real artist.

FYI.. just thought I'd pass this along re: tooth whitening. I've just tried something that I bought on the web (used to be able to get it from Walgreens before the barrage of whitening elixirs came out). It is great for coffee, tea, and smoking stains. I just ordered the refill bottle and use with toothpaste. Here's the link:
Hi Banjo! Hi Ladies! Looooong time no chat!

Banjo, your teeth look awesome! And I can't believe just how much your hair has grown since I last visited the forum. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

I had a similar issue as you had with the teeth. Only, in my case, it was the first molars uppers and lowers on either side of my mouth. The dentist told me that it's fairly common, as we get older, for our gums to recede a bit, and that vigorous brushing greatly contributes to the problem. I happen to be quite a vigorous brusher! :-/ What they did for me was use some bonding to fill in the receded area. It matches my tooth color pretty well, and since it's not right in front, I don't mind the 'big toothed' look. They are molars, after all. But if it were to happen to my front teeth, I would probably consider the same thing you did, hopefully with the same fabulous results.
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Banjo they look great.. I had mine done last December, I had 4 on top 2 on the bottom.
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It's so nice working for a dentist, becuz dental care, especially cosmetic dentistry is so expensive. Your teeth look great! I'm also whitening my teeth with a product from my dentist, but I have also found that if I brush my teeth with a solution of baking soda & hydrogen peroxide, my teeth get whiter. It's also good for the gums. Plus I use Listerine 2xs per day for 30 seconds each time & floss at least once per day.
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