If I can't use RetinA or Renova

I also have the hormonal breakouts on my chin and they are very annoying. im 42 and never until 7 years ago broke out. i feel your pain. as a matter of fact,because of my skin problems, and my interest in skin, i decided to become an esthetician.
first, if your blemishes are the deep type and peri-menopausal many times (and for me) oral meds are the the only thing that will clear them up(oral antibiotic...)aha, bha, retin-a, glycolics,and prescription meds can only go so deep and will help with the comedones, papules and pustules, but do very little for deep blemishes. there is a supplement i used from dermadoctor.dot.com(for the life of me i cant remember the name of it) that did help, but was costly(30 to 60 monthly). you could try that if you dont want to be put on a prescription.
second, as for the retin-a, i had problems with that at first also for many months, until i tried this method. a low dose to start, and then only once a week.when your skin adjusts, 2x... it takes a long time to move to daily, if ever. 3 to 4 x a week for many is plenty.
also, and this is what helped the most, put a non active moisturizer on first. wait 20 min to a half hour then put the retin-a on. (i use emu oil as it helps the retin-a from penetrating to quickly, if you put the retin-a on first then the emu, it will do the opposite)
i hope this helps some sam
Thanks for the suggestions!
Since I have been more careful about using simple, active products from SkinBiology or Dianne Yvonne or PSF, I have reduced the number and size of my hormonal outbreaks. And the minor aging issues I was having have improved.

I use serums rather than creams and use Emu or Squalane for moisture. I bought some pure Titanium dioxide and mix it into my oil when I am out in the sun. (I also use a wide brimmed hat and avoid peak sun)

I think if I can continue to have success with these products, I won't need RetinA. I just remember how irritated my skin was the last time I used RetinA, so if I can avoid it, I am going to.
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Chin breakouts - the bane of my dermatological existance!! I tell my kids its "teenage acne" because I'm so youthful!

Its really hormones - I had GREAT success with the Differen in my 30s, when my cell turnover strated to diminish. If you cant tolerate the Renova, try that.

But, FYI - you can use the Renova every other day; have you tried that? ALso, I assume you know not to apply it for 20-30 minutes after washing? And that you can apply moisturizer over it after 20 minutes?
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