You know you are getting old when. . .

They use your graduating year as the year for a high school reunion in an Enablex (for overactive bladder) commercial!! There is this animated commercial they run on HGTV all the time. The characters in it look like little dancing balloons but I think they are maybe dancing bladders. They are going to their high school reunion. . . class of 1968 (the year I graduated)!! I sat there watching that the other day and thought "now I really am getting old"!!!
Try graduating in the year 1969.
AKA lotsawaves
AKA new2curls
Try graduating in the year 1969.
Originally Posted by g-stringranny
Yeah, but Bryan Adams did that great song for all of you. . . Summer of '69!!

I just find it funny that people my age are now depicted in a bladder control commercial. Oh well, I guess the day is here!!

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