Perimenopause and Hormone Therapy

My Dr. has put me on estrogen(Estradiol) and progesterone(Medroxyprogesterone) for perimenopause symptoms. I get mood swings, bloating, fatigue and constipation. Never get hot flashes but the others combined can really get me down. They seemed to be getting worse so I finally agreed to try the pills. I'm interested if others have had any success with this combination and how long did it take to work? So far,(6 weeks)I don't feel any great improvement, in fact I feel a little more depressed. The estrogen seems to be targeted to women with hot flashes and since I don't get those I'm wondering exactly what I'm taking this for. I'm wondering if I haven't given it enough of a chance.
My Dr. put me on hormone therapy four years ago. I did ok for a year and then suddenly started gaining weight rapidly. The original symptoms returned with a vengeance, ie., night sweats, mood swings, etc. The Dr. tried changing the dosage and types but nothing worked. So two years ago I told her I wasn't going to take them anymore. She assured me I wouldn't suddenly grow a beard or anything else weird! I never had any bad effects after that. The night sweats and mood swings disappeared. unfortunately the extra pounds did not all leave but I did lose some. Anywho, that's my hormone therapy experience. Everybody's different. Hope it works for you.
Thanks lionese, I guess I'm still in the I'm not sure category.

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