Long Hair forever

honestly I do think it has a bearing on what others think as it erroneously sets a standard that some women feel they need to live up to, when 90% of it is fake (cosmetic surgery, obviously fake teeth and I still think fake hair)

we live in a very superficial society and when you consider how much money is made off making women think they don't look good enough, it is sad IMO
wow--i think faye looks pretty good. i mean she is even older than ME
my hair will stay long till it looks stupid--like face too old for hair-- then i will cut it and let it go gray. then i might try growing it again until it looks stupid.
i got some hair compliments today from some ladies at the municipal court. they all were curly girls who straightened or blew dry their hair. i have a frizz pic on my blackberry and everyone who says they have awful hair is amazed because their "awful" hair looks just like my frizz pic. amazing what some conditioner and a good cut can do, also the famous plopping technique!
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3b going gray, not thick, waist length when wet, a bit below shoulders when dry
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I'm going to Houston in December and I am wondering if I can make it through 4 days w/o mom or sister telling me that I need to cut it... They are just jealous. I'm the only curlytop in the family, little sister gets perms, the older sister just cuts hers. She has rheumatoid arthritis and it has done a number on her hair.
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My grandmother kept hers long till she died (albeit mostly in a bun). She died at 87.

I'm currently growing mine out and leaving it that way until I'm bored and end up cutting it.
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My grandmother kept hers long till she died (albeit mostly in a bun). She died at 87.

I'm currently growing mine out and leaving it that way until I'm bored and end up cutting it.
Originally Posted by whatsercurl
My grandmother was the same. She always looked just as beautiful when she wore her long, mostly-black curly hair down. Although it looked wavy because she brushed, braided, and bunned it each morning, it was very curly. And only a halo of gray with a few strands throughout. Yeah, I'm jealous of that.

I like to keep mine past shoulders, and am trying to grow it out to maybe BSL. Anything longer is just too overbearing on my petite (although overweight) body. And it gets too heavy for updos. I remember poor grandma would get such headaches, so my mom would trim a few inches off for her to lighten it up. Still about BSL though.

I think it's up to the person, how they keep themselves, if it looks good. Same goes for any length or age. There are just certain lengths that compliment each individual, regardless of age.

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