Lost my curl

I think I might just be looking for shoulders to cry on here but mainly wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I'd been a 2C all my life, and around the time I turned 40, turned 3B... lots of nice ringletty curls. I got used to it and really liked it! About 18 months ago (I just turned 48, though, I seem to have lost my curl and it's now going beyond just losing the ringlets, past returning to 2, and going toward flat and mostly straight (though it's still a tiny bit wavy), normal-thin and fine after being tremendously thick all my life. It's kinda depressing, especially since my 30 year high school reunion is this summer and my hair's never looked worse -- I don't know how to style this kind of hair, though I'm trying... and I kinda wanted to look my best (lol)!

I've been reading up on how to volumize hair, and trying products like crazy, but my hair stays flat with shelf like edges (having a hard time finding someone to cut this slightly wavy hair without making these shelves and scattered flipped up edges -- my long-time hairdresser retired two years ago). The only thing I can see that's any different between now and the rest of my life is that I got older... diet's the same, etc... I did move to Santa Fe for a year (sixteen months ago), but I've been back in my long-time Colorado home for four months now, with things just getting steadily flatter.

I did take a step to cheer myself up and finally got Juvederm a week ago -- I figured I totally deserved a "lift"!

If anyone else experienced this de-curling with age, I'd love to hear and commiserate!
Don't give up. There are lots of shoulders to cry on around here. Have you had your thyroid checked lately? I only ask because when my thyroid is out of whack my hair becomes quite thin. I have noticed that my hair is getting dryer as I go through the change but heck everything is getting dry...LOL I don't know if that helped but I am sending a big hug your way.
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What's a Juvederm?

ETA: Never mind. I just googled it.
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Gosh, infrared, thanks for the hug -- I feel so much better just for having aired this! I've looked up thyroid issues, and this could actually explain a lot... I'm making an appointment this week and take it from there. Thanks so much for the sweet support!
i heard you put conditioner on your hair then get pencil and twirl your hair around it hopefully that will do it make sure your hare is just alittle damp. ive never tried it>:
Please let us know how it goes with your doctor's visit. While my hair isn't thinning too badly, it has gotten straighter. I thought maybe it was the weather change from after I moved to Michigan. Hair changes can be unnerving, but there's hope. If you want I can look up the name of the hair dresser I went to in Denver. If he's still around, he was great.
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I'm now 52 and starting in my late 40's I also began to see a definite change in the texture and amount of curl.

In my case, I'd say there's definitely a hormonal component even if it's not the entire cause. As I child I didn't really have curly hair, just thick, coarse and enough wave to be unruly. Then I hit puberty and BOING, curls galore - thicker than ever, wiry, probably 3b/c maybe even some 4a.

Then as I approach menopause, it's relaxed to a mix of 2c/mostly 3a/some 3b, not nearly as thick and fine.

Like you, I'm having a tough time learning to deal with someone else's hair on my head! In fact, that's why I ended up here - trying to see if I could find things that work. Some days are better than others, but I'm still not finding any consistency.
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