Signs of aging that sort of appear overnight

I went thru a mini- moment last year, when people stopped being surprised when they found out my age. I used to always get that shock, then disbelief. Then at 45, it kinda stopped.
Originally Posted by rudeechick
This has been my EXACT experience in the last two years. Until then, people thought I was at least 10 years younger than I was and would look shocked to hear my real age.

I guess I'm lucky I escaped as long as I did (I'm 54), but it feels sudden. The lines from nose to mouth, the two deep grooves between my eyebrows that make me look angry, the sagging eyelids just starting, some soft pooches on my jawline, the crepey neck . . .

Crap. It feels like it was OVERNIGHT.

Hee hee -- I still look in the mirror and feel surprised. Who is that??? Mom? Why I laugh?
Originally Posted by fig jam
fig jam, I'm 55 and my exact moment happened about 3 years ago. I was shocked the first time someone didn't say "You can't be that old".

And BACK FAT, where the hell did that come from? I've always been thin, but I noticed yesterday that my back looks "meaty" as do my shoulders.
I have heard that if someone was under extreme pressure and stress, usually happened because she's deeply hurt by some guy, that all of her hair turned white overnight.

it might be a myth, but at least there was story about that, so I guess the most important thing is to be happy.
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I've noticed a change in my skin in the past year or so. It's different, but I can't put my finger on it.
My hair has changed, too.
Midsection is putting on some padding that is distressing.
I'm waiting for the day that someone isn't surprised at my age. So far, people still think I'm in early to mid 30s but that's going to change. If I dress in generic long sleeved t-shirts and yoga pants, it's obvious. I look like every other 40+ soccer mom then.
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I've not been able to lose the weight of last baby (she's 9 now!), so I'd like to arrange it again...with me it was the vision. I've worn glasses since 2-3 grade...somewhere in there...and I swear I got new glasses and less than 3 months later I woke up and the font on EVERYTHING on earth that was written down had shrunk about 60%...I was so annoyed! (to say the least) I can still pass for younger than 49...for now ;D
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I'm wearing contacts today, and I just noticed that I can't see things very close up anymore - I have to scootch the item I am looking back about 6 inches.
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Hasn't happened yet, people still think I am "only 30" (turned 46 a few months ago), but I am sure my day is is only a matter of time

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I just read this entire thread, and I think I have just had the best laugh I have had in three years!!

I came home from work tonight, all revved up from a caffeine high, and popped onto this site to catch up a bit. You see....lately I've been having rather low self esteem. I always thought I would age gracefully. Of course, gaining 50 pounds and three chins was something that would never happen to me, and was not supposed to be part of aging gracefully. I always thought I would be a skinny, bony old lady.

Well, now I look in the mirror and say, "Who is that?" "Whoa, that's my face on someone else's body! Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on me!"
Then sometimes I think my face looks puffy like Elvis in the last days.

All the comments that everyone made here also applied to me, which is why I laughed so hard (I laughed out loud....really loud...I hope the neighbors don't think I've lost my marbles).

I think my moment of revelation came when I bent my knees to put some cans of soda on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator. I got stuck. I thought, OMG, how will I get up without pulling the refrigerator over on me? Should I just roll to the side and break a hip? Same in the bathtub. I could get stuck in there and you would need Crisco to get me out.....oh I could go on and on.

Nope, nobody tells me I don't look my age (50) anymore. Only the 70-year old guys think I look young....hahahaha.

Ooooooh.....I can't wait to have a lettuce leaf for lunch tomorrow.

Don't get me mid-life crisis is lasting about 8 years, but I'll adjust.

Oh, when I laugh too hard now, I start to pea.....
At first I was gonna say no, but someone elses post prompted me to remember....

I went thru a mini- moment last year, when people stopped being surprised when they found out my age. I used to always get that shock, then disbelief. Then at 45, it kinda stopped.

Oh well, like my Mom says, youth is wasted on the young.
Originally Posted by rudeechick
I had not thought of that - but yeah, you are right - no one is shocked anymore. In fact they are probably thinking 'she is only 47??' Yikes!
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LOL, there's something new about every day! However, sometimes something old leaves to be replaced by something else. At 52, there's a lot of coming and going of aches and pains, especially. Unfortunately, the wrinkles pretty much stay, although they can be somewhat reversed and delayed with the right skin care - for you - and omega 3's, preferrably in your food, but supplements help, too.

Haven't had a chance to read the whole thread, but sounds like I need to when I have more time. Gotta go vote in Georgia's senate run-off election!
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I should be reaching my weight loss goal and getting my tax return right about the same reward will be Botox. Never thought I would do that, but I can no longer stand the furrowed brow look. I have no idea how to find the right place to go, besides obviously checking out the state medical review board.
Signs of age do seem to suddenly appear. All the way up to 42 I thought I was doing pretty well. I thought since I am on a good diet, don't bake in the sun I could remain youthful looking. But close to my 43rd birthday I noticed my skin beginning to thin and the area under my eyes had gone south a bit! Since I have high cheekbones it seems to have landed right where they start so my skin is not as smooth as it used to be...oh well. I have read that plastic surgeons do mid-face lifts at the age and also face plumping with lasers to restuff where the skin is thinner or there are hollow areas. For now I am just going to live with it. But in a couple years who knows...
The main places that I notice it are

1. Facial skin texture. Most folks don't notice it (I do still get asked for ID when buying wine - am 48 ) but I notice it.

2. The extra weight that I can't seem to get to budge no matter what.

3. Joints aching.

4. Somewhere along the way I've become my parents.
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