took our girls to college....

We dropped one DD off on Friday at Penn State - Happy Valley - for her freshman year. The other DD went to Muhlenberg College yesterday to start her junior year. I still have my son at home - a 6'2" 15 year old, but I miss my girls.... sniff, pout.
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(((HUGS))) My girls are a year apart. Thankfully, they went to a local university. They are 34 & 35 now, married with children, but I still miss having them home. It's too quiet around here.
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It's kind of a shock at first, isn't it? My daughter is going to a local college but decided to get an apartment with a roommate and moved out at the beginning of the year. I missed her lots at first then starting getting used to the solitude. Now she says she's moving back home when her lease is up because it was too hard to work, pay rent and go to school full-time. Just when I was finally thinking I liked being alone! Kids!
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We just took our youngest son back to school for his senior year on Friday. He goes to a small college in PA. I can't believe he'll graduate in May! He decided to move off campus for his last year. It was so funny...he's sharing a 3-BR townhouse with 3 of his buddies. They all have their bedroom furniture, but there is not a speck of furniture anywhere else in the whole place! and guess what?...I'm not even worried about it!! I told them that vacuuming (if they choose to do so) will be a breeze! lol!!!
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I'm probably the same age as some of you, but my oldest is only 14 and my youngest is 7. It will be a while before my nest is empty!

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