Well Im not about to cut it nor am I gonna go and whip out my blow dryer and fuss with it. Im going to avoid heat as best as I can. However the deal with going no poo has lost its appeal. I tried for a week and got nothing but a mass of gooey greasey hair that when I tried to toss a curl or two in another direction I had them sticking straight out like bug feelers!. I work in the professional field so my appearence is most important and I just cant bring myself to go completely poo free. I might try going a day or two without using poo but to completely break away I just cant do it. I was so embarassed by the mass of hair that resembled a wig moving as one mass rather than the lush soft spirals I am use to seeing. I even tried the ACV rinse without success and what I ended up with was gummy hair that had a film like coating feel. I went back to using Dove and now I have to find a means to get my cutical to relax again after all Ive done to it and messed with it. Inorder so the frizz aint so bad..But Im not ever going to blow dry it straight again and Im growing it out like before.