How did you celebrate the big 4-OH?

I was divorced at the time and my girlfriends had a surprise party for me. Nothing rowdy. They gave me a gift certificate to Nordstrom and one for a facial. I am still wearing the $89 leather jacket I got at Nordstrom with that gift cert 15 years later. Unfortunately, I am not in touch with any of those women anymore. That makes me sad.
Mine's coming up in March of 09 and I'm going to Costa Rica for a decadent week... I shall be pampered to my heart's content, while lounging pool side / beach side at some all inclusive resort.
I was laid up with a very, very bad broken ankle and recovering from the reconstructive surgery on it for my 40th birthday. It wasn't a good time.
RCW, I was just thinking about you not 5 minutes ago wondering why I haven't seen any of your posts on the board!
I went for a long weekend to Mexico with 8 of my high school friends to celebrate the year of our 40th bdays. We had a blast- sun, drinks, spa, no kids.....
some of my friends also had parties for their individual bdays- one dicso 70's themed, one 80's prom themed, one bollywood themed.
For our actual birthdays (10 days apart), my husband and I have planned a long weekend to New Orleans, but have to put it off for business reasons (good business reasons, though)

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