in desperate need of a daytime eye cream...

I am posting here instead of in the makeup forum because I think these skin issues are age-related. I am pretty happy with my skin overall, but the skin just below the corners of my eyes looks horrible lately! I need concealer because I have permanent dark circles (translucent skin), but anything I put on that skin just accentuates the "chicken skin" look. Ugh! How do I make that skin look smoother?
Cargo makes a very nice concealer; comes in a tube with a wand/sponge applicator. I was taught to put a little in the inner corner of each eye and lightly dab (w/pinky fingers) it into the skin, around and out towards outer corners. You can get it at Sephora, or at their website. Nice consistency, not too thick, blends well. Good luck!
yellow or orange-toned concealers are best for hiding dark circles. try something with light reflecting properties - i've been using Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener.

Touche Eclat from Yves St-Laurent is another good choice, though very pricey ($40). there's Laura Geller's Wonder Wand ($18.50) and Laura Mercier Secret Brightener ($30).

"chicken skin" is milia - some people have luck diminishing it with the aspirin mask. otherwise, laser resurfacing works on that skin.
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I like the Kinerase eye cream for day. For circles I use Bare Escentuals Summer Bisque concealer with their Well Rested in the corners.
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Thank you for the suggestions!

I'm also beginning to suspect that I'm allergic to the makeup I've been using around my eyes (Revlon Age Defying for dry skin). The corners of my eyes are itchy all day long, and feel much better once I wash my face. I am thinking I need to go back to a makeup that has no SPF, at least around my eyes.
^^^ definitely!

BIG dark sunglasses are your best friend!!!

i wear gradient tint brown lenses on cloudy days year-round, too.
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I use Oil of Olay eye gel, not cream. Concealers only emphasise whatever it is I'm trying to conceal around the eyes.
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hmkenny, you don't wear any makeup around your eyes, or just no concealer?
hmkenny, you don't wear any makeup around your eyes, or just no concealer?
Originally Posted by Verity
I can put some powder concealer on the outer corner. That works fine for me, but any concealer I've ever tried under my eye always winds up looking crepey. I do where eye makeup, though, shadow, liner, mascara. I only wear those on my top lid and lashes.
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I just can't get by without some sort of concealer. I am trying in vain to replace the one I'm currently using, the old formula of Maybelline's Age Rewind. The new formula is too dark and makes my undereye skin look terrible. I bought a Cover Girl concealer yesterday, and it is too light/pink. (I have yet another tube of eyelid primer--that's what I do with concealers that don't work for me.) I don't know what I'm going to do when I've squeezed the last drops of concealer out of the tube I'm using now! I don't know when I'll be able to shop somewhere other than a drugstore or Target.

I used to use and love Lancome Effacernes (sp.?) concealer, but it is much too chalky for me anymore.

The good news is that my eyes look and feel better since I quit using that Revlon makeup (with SPF) around my eyes. I'm using plain old Aquaphor at night to try to heal the skin.

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There are two on the market that I absolutely love.

The less expensive can be found at the Body Shop, it's the Vitamin E Eye Cream. It runs about $12-15 for a small tube. Apply makeup 10 minutes after application.

The more expensive and my current favorite is PSF's (Pure Skin Formulations) Phyto-lift Cranberry Eye Lift Gel.

Both of these visibly "perk" up my eyes on good days and bad.

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