Are we too old for lipgloss?

I'm 45 and have always preferred lipgloss to lipstick. They always try to sell me lipstick at makeovers and makeup counters too, always have, but I have never liked the feel and boldness of lipstick (for lack of a better word). I have worn lipgloss forever and prefer the soft, fresh translucent look to cakey lipstick. I already have thin lips, if they get thinner as I age, there's no way I'd wear lipstick to accentuate that! Lipgloss gives a better look and feel for me.

My favorites are by Mary Kay. They feel light, last forever, go on sheer (or you can apply thickly if you like). I prefer neutral tones that go with my natural lipcolor.

FYI: I read somewhere that you should pull down your bottom lip, and the color inside the bottom lip is your best color. I imagine you can vary the shades, but that's your base color.

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I can't wait - last night I ordered three Buxom glosses on (they were out of two of the three where I live, so I just sucked it up and went online) - Dolly, Brandi and Sugar. Yup, I'm a big gloss fan, and I'm 45. Today I'm wearing Dolly, which I'm nearly out of - hope my order comes fast.
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i must be the only one who still wears lipstick!

because of the scars on my lips, i prefer to wear lipstick, then gloss or just lipstick. otherwise, i feel like everyone is looking at the scars.

of course, if i mentioned the scars to anyone, they'd probably look at me and say "what scars?"

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The MAC girl implied that I am too old for it. It's possible, but am I really?
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
Really? I wear lipgloss most days. I don't wear it looking like it's about to drip off my lips, but still.....
nappy haired girls unite!

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Absolutely not too old. Actually, I think I'm too old for lipstick and gloss is a better option.
Originally Posted by *Cricket*
I agree, gloss is better than lipstick as you get older. My mom is, well, seventy-something and has gone completely to gloss as it feels so much better and doesn't dry her lips out.

I love gloss too. Favorite is the Mark Glossblossom, the "find your perfect pink" that changes for everyone like that green lipstick used to...I sold, no kidding, twelve tubes of it in under fifteen minutes the first time I wore it to work, (yes I do sell Avon, no not on here, not trolling for business!!!) it is so pretty and feels great.
I refuse to be "old" until I'm at least 80 and even then it's open to debate. If I wanna wear lip gloss, I'm wearing it. If I wanna wear a temporary tattoo, I'm wearing. I'm too fickle to commit to a permanent piece of art on my own hide. As long as I'm not a muffin top, I'll wear my hoochie mama halter tops and low rise jeans, if I'm in the mood to do it.

I have a pact with my girl friends. We're all going to live in the same nursing home when we're old and we're going to soup up our electric wheel chairs so we can chase the orderlies around.


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i must be the only one who still wears lipstick!

Originally Posted by rouquinne
Nope. I do. That's all I have unless you count the one Burt's Bees Shimmer Stick.

I'd like to find more of the BB's type of lip color/shine sticks.

I never liked glosses because it seemed like I was constantly reapplying them & they felt like a greasy mess on my lips. I felt like I had to walk around with my mouth open so as to not disturb the gloss. And then I felt like one of the puffy-lipped celebs.

But then maybe I was applying too much.

If there were some with staying power, I'd give them a try.

So for the most part, when I'm not needing to be made up, I rely on lip balms to keep my lips hydrated & semi-glossy.

By the way, my mom, in her 70's, is a lip gloss wearer.

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Nope,I don't think we're too old,I'm 41 and use Dr.Pepper lipgloss and Sally Hensen's clear lipgloss,shines like a dream!
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I've never liked lipstick that is totally matte. For a long time, I'd apply makeup and then apply a sheer topcoat. I hate having to do lip color in two steps, though.

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but Neutrogena makes a sheer lipstick (MoistureShine Lip Sheers) that has some gloss. It's not too shiny/glossy, which I'm not comfortable with. (I'm just guessing, but maybe that's the look the saleswoman was trying to steer the op away from.) It's not shimmery, either, which is the reason I don't like Burt's Bees lip shimmers. I wish it had a smidge more color, but this Neutrogena product is the best thing I've found lately.

Cover Girl makes a somewhat similar product (TruShine lipcolor), but it is a bit too shiny and shimmery for me. I use Coral Shine, but have to tone it down with a very light swipe of cinnamon-colored lipstick.

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Are they moisturizing, Verity? My lips tend to be real dry....
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I went with the Viva Glam, and honestly, I don't love it. It has too much glittery in it. Oh well.
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I love lip gloss. On most days, it is the only "make up" I wear. (On fancy days, I add blush and some eyeliner.) My best friend (who is also over 40) gave me a box of shiny lip glosses for Xmas and I was so happy. Wear what you want and tell that salesgirl to kiss your ***!

I am using something called "Pink Bubbly" from Philosophy (@ Nordstrom's) today but my other favorite is from MaryKate and Ashley b/c it got a surprisingly good review in Cosmo or something (@ Kmart/Walmart?). So - try what you want and don't let price, age, or ignorant salespeople deter you!

(If I had your address, I would send you a big ole' box of lip glosses right now!)
I bought some!

One is Nectar Nude by Burt's Bees.

The other is Walk in the Sand Caribbean Shine by mark/Avon. - I like this one the best.
1) Report that dumbbell. I'm usually quite shy and don't like to make a fuss, but that sales "assistant" doesn't deserve her job.
2) Find a lipgloss in a color/texture that you like (not MAC) and apply.
3) Celebrate how gorgeous and youthful you look by eating/drinking something you really enjoy and then reapply lip gloss!
Whoever suggested the Avon gloss was absolutely right. It lasts forever and feels great. I ordered two shades of the Brilliant Shine and I recommend them.
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