Has anyone ever ordered from...

Travel Smith?

I know they are pricey, but we are going to Italy in the fall. This will be one of those vacations where I will be packing and unpacking because we plan to go to three different cities (Venice, Florence and Rome).

I keep getting Travel Smith catalogs in the mail. Some of their outfits look cute. They are supposed to be nonwrinkle. I was just wondering if any of you had tried any of their clothes. If so, how did they fit? Are they "old" looking? Would you recommend them?
I have ordered a couple of things. The fit tends to be generous -- usually too big for me. I think I kept one somewhat boxy jacket and sent the rest back. If you prefer a closer fit and a younger, trendier look, this might not be the right place for you. You could probably find some wrinkle-resistant stuff in stores if you look around.
I have ordered a few things as well. I have a white fitted blouse that is non-wrinkle that I really like. But any non-wrinkle dresses I've ordered I've always sent back because I can't stand the material. It's a gross unnatural feeling polyester or something.

Some of the newer stuff looks interesting though. I haven't had a problem with fit that I remember, and I am average sized (eight).

When I was in Italy we went to 4 different cities and each of us had only a carry on and a back pack. I ended up wearing the same pair of black pants every day (it was October). They didn't wrinkle or show dirt, can't remember where I got them though, it wasn't Travel Smith. We did end up doing laundry one day in Rome. I did take two other pairs of pants but it was so much easier to just pull out the same ones. Those Italian women dress nice though. I felt like a slob next to them, but I was comfortable and that was more important to me.
I will have to figure out what to do... whether to try ordering some of their clothes or go in another direction. My husband gave me orders that I was not allowed to pack like I do for most vacations. I was thinking in terms of two or three outfits... I could wear them once in each city. My niece told me to try citiknits off QVC... though I haven't seen much there that interests me either.

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