Spinoff: Who goes out at night?

That makeup musings thread got me thinking. Am I the only one who rarely goes out? My husband and I do go out to dinner a couple of times a month or so, but no where fancy. We tend to vacation in the mountains where we can be casual. I don't think I own a pair of panty hose and I have only one pair of heels. Am I uniquely odd?!!
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If you are, I am too! My husband and I go out to dinner about once a week, usually on Friday night. When we do, we generally go to one of our local restaurants which are very casual and "down-home" since we live in a fairly rural area. We are happiest communing with nature rather than large crowds of people. Well, unless it's a VA Tech football game. We actually like those crowds.

I, too, have one pair of heels which I haven't had on my feet for about 2 or 3 years now. Flip-flops are my footwear of choice when it's warm, and clogs when it's cold. Every once in a while, we'll think about going somewhere fancier for dinner....then we think about having to get all dressed up and end up going to one of our regular places with a huge sigh of relief.
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Oh, heavens no. Since splitting with my ex last summer, I've rarely gone out in the evenings, and it's a bit of a relief. Of course, it's been a very cold winter, so that plays into it, but it's peaceful at home with my dogs.

I think much of it is age-related, for me.
I go out a lot but never anywhere fancy. I wear jeans to work and to go out.
I have a couple dresses, one suit, some heels - basically just for weddings and funerals (and around here people don't necessarily get dressed up for those events either).
I like getting dressed up but I guess I just live a casual life.
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I've lost weight as a result, as well.
i do - when i have someone to go with!
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Now I don't feel so bad about not going out much. Also live in a rural area, farming area for the most part, even though I am not a farmer & drive a school bus. I live in Jeans & sweatshirt, heavy socks & clogs in winter. Shorts, t-shirt & bare feet, flip flops or sandles in summer. My husband works out of town for the most part & for me "going out". I putting on a full face make-up, a really nice shirt, (to go with my jeans), upgrading the clogs or flip flops to nice sandles or actual shoes & drive 30 miles to the mall, walking around, checking out Sephora, Bath & Body Works & anything else that catches my eye. Eating a bite out at Red Robin, IHOP or some places in that catagory, coming home & curling up at my computer with my dogs at my feet while watching a good movie.

I do this kind of "go out" every 2 weeks or so, just to get away from home & do my own girly thing, thank goodness the husband understands "a girl has to do what a girl has to do sometimes" to make us feel girly again.
I go out quite a bit. I don't work, but most days I dress in snappy casual clothes and put on makeup, no sweats, because I'm busy most afternoons taking my kids to various activities and I don't want to be the frumpy mom just because I don't have a job. We attend a lot of dinner parties for hubby's work and we go out to dinner and maybe a music club a few times a month, so I have a chance to put on hose and heels frequently.
I don't go out much, unless taking the kids to McDs or Burger King would count.
Despite that, I still dress up every once in a while for church. Every day clothes, if I'm leaving the house, would be jeans and heeled boots, a turtleneck and blazer or long vest I made. If I'm not leaving the house, lounge pants or cargo pants, cami, and long sleeved t-shirt.
Friday nights I drop the kids at Bible club, grocery shop, and treat myself to alone time with a fast food dinner. If I really need a break, I skip grocery shopping, buy a magazine, and sit at the fast food place, read and drink all the Diet Coke I can. woo.hoo.
Once upon a time I had a friend with whom I thought I could go out, but she prefers staying home. Now that she has an out of town boyfriend and is a grandma, I haven't heard from her in a very long time.
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I rarely go out, sheer laziness I'm afraid - it's all too much effort, the getting dressed up, doing my face etc. Can't be bothered.

I actually go out 5 nights a fortnight, but that's to work and definitely doesn't count!
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I have a girls night out once per week, but it sometimes falls through if any of our families lives need to take precedent (school meetings, band concerts, etc.) And that girls night out is tame -- we just go to a family restaurant and sit and yack -- no alcohol or male dancers! =8D On the weekends we mostly go out just our family. I'm pretty much a home-body otherwise.
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I'm about to go out tonight, to hear a band i've heard on the radio here. They're electronic, kind of dark, gothy, my kind of scene. Legion Within. I could easily stay home on the couch and catch up on my tv viewing, but I'll save that for tomorrow night, valentine's day .... My guy is being a pill. A self-absorbed pill. So that prompts me to go out and have fun when I can.

btw, only because I didn't know, but Dave Alvin was in town last night, and I missed it. I could cry! Remember The Blasters? That was him. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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My husband and I used to go out every weekend to very down-to-earth karaoke and band bars with friends. Since the kids (we're talking 6 yrs), we never go out...only had a babysitter one time before the second child came along...DH still goes to his karaoke bars most weekends with my blessings, but I miss it. We tried to go out when his mother was visiting, but my 3yo woke up screaming, and she called us to come home...today we went to a dockside grill at a marina, live band, all of us, but the girls could only last so long...hubby was upset, but I was happy to get a couple of hours out as a family-a few Coronas, 80 degree weather, live music on the water-that's all I need. My youngest said that we were on vacation, lol...
I go out for drinks every Friday night with a friend and usually dinner one night a week with my son and/or SO.

I love to get "done up" so I wear heels and makeup almost everytime I leave the house.
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Once a year or so, my husband and I will go out with our good friends, another couple. Otherwise, there's no motivation. We both work from home and see enough of each other as it is.

I miss girls' nights, but just don't have a group of friends right now. Poor me. lol

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