Please help me decide whether to keep growing out or cut it

Hi there,

I am an occassional poster... I almost qualify for over forty so I popped in here...

I have been growing out for a couple of years now, and I suddenly find I don't like the way my hair is looking. It is 3A (I guess) and now that it is past shoulder length, I find it getting straggely (sp?) and thin. Perhaps it is because I don't have many layers now (which is unusual for me). Also, I don't have bangs which I don't like...

Anyway, I am being daring and posting a series of pics of me with hair of varying lengths. I think I look best with it shoulder length. Could I have your opinions (don't hold back... I can take it)...

Thanks! Here is the link, and the password is: curls
3A with a bit of 3B here and there, shoulder length, dark brown
I really like it in the pic where you're wearing a horizontally-striped shirt.

I really like it in the pic where you're wearing a horizontally-striped shirt.
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
I like this one too, looks really cute on you & the curls look lovely, healthy & bouncy.

Every now & then I think I will get my hair bobbed off, it would be so much healthier & easier to manage, but then I chicken out when I remember how impatient I get waiting for it to grow!
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Getting a haircut is such a tough decision!
Your picture with the striped shirt is also my favorite. I also love your short haircut. I'm not much help, am I?
For myself, I think I look best with chin to shoulder length hair. That's where it is right now, while I grow out my grey hair. After that I'll probably let it grow long again. It's just so much easier to deal with when it's long (bad hair day? just put it in a pony!).
Good luck deciding.
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I vote for the picture of you in the striped shirt too - it brings out your pretty face and nice features more than any other length displayed in the other pictures.


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Thanks for the replies so far everyone.... I agree that my hair looks best in the photo with the striped shirt (though I do notice my face seems a lot "fuller" looking with my hair like that....but so what....) It seems then that my hair looks best with layers (sort of ironic considering how long it has taken me to grow them out!).....
3A with a bit of 3B here and there, shoulder length, dark brown
I'm the different one .. the pic I was drawn to was the bob/w bangs .. the one to the right of the striped shirt one.

I can relate to how your hair is doing right now. I'm trying to let mine grow and it's just past my shoulders (a little longer in the very back) and to me it looks thin and wispy. I also look better with bangs, so I'm going to have to decide whether to keep them short and continue using a curling iron on them or try to let them grow and get a side part thing going.

Anyway .. my vote is for the top third one !
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I like the longer hair pics.

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It looks to me as if your hair still has a lot of layers. Sometimes that means that the bottom layer doesn't have much hair in it and looks wispy. You might want to keep the length even and grow out the layers a bit.
top right hand photo!

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I really like it in the pic where you're wearing a horizontally-striped shirt.
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
I like it there too!
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I really like your current hairstyle! I think it looks beautiful a little longer. You have very pretty curls. I do like the striped shirt hair, as well, and I'm with you~ I miss my bangs, too!

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