Intermitten dandruff, thinning hair & resistant grays...

Hi All,
I'm a 2a curly top and have always had an enviable mane of hair. The kind that breeds family lore. I've been told how all the nurses at the hospital were abuzz with my curlly mini mane. And, when my parents decided to first cut my hair short at the age of 6, the pony tail with the ribbon has been preserved for all of prosperity. So, what's my gripe?

Well, about 8 years ago I had the worse case of facial seborrheic dermatitis you'd ever want to see. Finally got it cleared up but truth is it never really goes away, they say you can get it in remission, be symptomless but it will always come back. And it does, on my head. One day of no shampooing and I've got dandruff "plagues". Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Then, to add insult to injury. I noticed my hair has become noticably thinner in front. Significantly so, tho most say they don't notice at all, I'm painfully aware! My minor gripe is that my gray seems more resistant. I'm 44 and feel I'm going to hell in a handbasket!! I'm so disallussioned!


Anyone relate!?!?!
Oh, I can sympathise. I have a very stubborn patch of psoriasis on my scalp which drives me up the wall. In the last 3 1/2 yrs I think I managed to be free of it for about 6 months, I've tried just about everything on the market, to no avail. I'm now convinced that my hair is thinning on the top and crown, though at the hd yesterday she didn't see any difference. I was at the hd to get my greys done - they're not particularly resistant, my hair just grows too quickly and I have roots showing about 10 days after tinting. My hair feels like straw today, it rained this a.m. so I'm a big frizz ball and just feel hideous. I'm also growing out a fringe, still not convinced it's a good idea, especially given the wrinkles on my forehead. I'm going "home" to the uk next month, seeing family and friends and feel so bad, it's not funny. So, hugs coming your way, I know how you feel!
Anyone? Anyone?

I'm not a leper.
Originally Posted by KewTnCurly
No, I'm just asleep at the switch. I'm sorry you're having this difficulty. I can relate to the thinning, but mine is more at the corners of my forehead (kind of a receding) although it still looks pretty thick. Anyway, you said your "grays" were resistant. Did you mean resistant to coloring? That's a fact. Even if you color, it seems like they magically appear too soon. Maybe you could get some highlights/lowlights to sort of blend the look? I don't know that would do to your scalp, though. It may not be worth it. Have you seen a dr. recently? Surely there is some kind of special shampoo/product that would at least take the edge off. Thinking of you.

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