Red Eyelids

Does anyone else here have red/pink eyelids? I think it is either from dry skin or allergies. Do you know of any other possible causes or remedies?
A few years ago, my eyes were so irritated that I thought I had an infection. But it was not infection or allergies. Eye doc told me I need to thoroughly scrub along the upper and lower lash lines every morning and especially at night. (I guess I was not completely removing all makeup residue.)

The scrubbing works great for me. I use Johnson's baby shampoo and my fingertips, but doc said it doesn't really matter what I use. What's important is the physical action of scrubbing. He said I could even use a cotton swab and plain water.
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Thanks for your input Alacurl. My eyelids seem to get redder and puffier after I take a shower. I wonder if a shower filter would help. I certainly hope I am not allergic to my Devacurl products!
is it recent? because i get that during allergy season which is right now for me with all the trees blooming.
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Hi - Did you find out what is causing this? I have had eye allergies and I had to go to an ophthalmologist to get it cleared up. Good luck and let us know!
I had gone to an opthomologist previously and he prescribed an ointment but it didn't help. I am thinking it could be dry skin as my skin is now drier than it used to be and I have virtually no oils in my diet due to food allergies. i have tried fish oil pills to combat dry skin but it seems to give me extra energy and then I can't sleep at night. That must sound odd but I have tried it many times and that was the result each time.I would try flaxseed oil but I am allergic to that.
evening primrose oil? vitamin e oil?

i take those because i'm allergic to fish.
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Really sorry to hear about this! Since an eye doc. didn't help, maybe you need to see a dermatologist. I hate going to doctors and don't mean to be pushing you in that direction, but maybe that's the answer. Please let us know how it is going.
I have been to a dermatologist too It could still be allergies so maybe I need an allergist. I started seeing one a couple years ago but he wanted me to keep going back and he seemed more interested in making $ than helping me.
Really commiserate. It's rotten when something is wrong and you can't figure out what it is so you can't fix it. I hope this improves for you!
I've had a similar problem off and on for years, usually on just my right eyelid (itchy, red, cracking, peeling, swelling skin). I've tried drifferent things (creams, allergy stuff, different eye makeups...) so far this spring it really hasn't been an issue but once it flare us it's hard to stop the itching/rubbing which makes it worse
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Thanks all for your support and ideas. I still have the same problem. I think I am going to try getting a shower filter next. Who knows maybe it is the unfiltered water causing it. Any good shower filter recommendations?

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