Has anyone done a microderrmabrasion on themselves with high end products such as Mary Kay or Avon?

A friend of mine is selling Mary Kay products and she is advocating that I buy a microdermabrasion kit and use it once a week and I will glow. Is this a safe product and is it a good idea to do it that often? I think I would rather have it done by a dermatologist.
It's probably the same or similar abrasive consistency as in-store Oil of Olay or over-the-web Pure Skin Formulation & safe to do once, maybe even twice, a week.

For an Rx strength microdermabrasion or acid peel you'd need a dermatologist.
It's not the same as what you'd get in the dermatologist's office. It's just a scrub and a lotion. I didn't like it...the lotion made my skin break out.
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I bought the one from Neutrogena. The 1st time I used it I overdid it & really irritated my skin. I haven't used it since. I like using baking soda 2xs per week. It's mild & doesn't dry out my skin. There was a thread that talked about this. I'll try to find it.

I haven't had a professional one done, because it doesn't fit into my budget. A friend of mine had a series of them done, but we couldn't see a difference in her skin.
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i have one of those kits and use it once a week. and i had a professional one done about 4 years ago. my skin felt smoother for longer with the professional one, but it didn't do as much for my dark patches as peels did.
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My skin is on the sensitive side, and I find microdermabrasion products too rough. I think one even gave me a few broken capillaries. I gave them up after that.

But if you have resistant (tough) skin, you might like microdermabrasion.

For me, mild chemical peels are a safer bet for at-home use. For strong peels, I would go to a professional.
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