Do women go thru a mid life crisis?

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Hi everyone! This turned into a really great thread! I love all the good advice that has been shared. I know I started it but I have to say I LOVE THIS THREAD! You ladiess have some absolutely amazing advice. Thank you so much for all of it.

Update on me: I am ridiculously happy. My life is better now than it has ever been. The boys handled the divorce better than I could have ever imagined. I'm sure it has a lot to do with how we handled it so yes, I will pat myself on the back for that one. The ex and I are still good friends. We get along so much better now. I am dating an absolutely wonderful man. We've been together just about a year now and I couldn't have found a better mate if I had made him myself. He's caring, considerate, loving and an all-around good man. The boys are crazy about him and he's good to them and to me. I started back to school in January. I wanted to get into the nursing program but needed to take some prerequisites first. I made straight A's in every class and just this month got my acceptance letter for the nursing program that starts in January. I am excited for my future and thrilled to death with my present. This will probably be my last update on this thread but I just wanted to let you all know that your advice and views on this really helped me out. I feel they were very honest and realistic. You ladies are amazing and I just can't thank you enough for the support.
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I'm so glad you updated! Congrats on getting through some tough times - and winding up with a happy ending!! Or really, a happy new beginning.... All the best!
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tinah -- so glad you updated, i did think about you and wonder how things turned out. i am very happy for you!
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