Success with Tightly Curly Method?

This is pretty much the only method I use. I use Paula's Chice for the conditioner ( ihave tried many listed on her site and this one works best with my daughters hair)Here is a pic of her (the older) I do modify it a bit. I pretty much finger comb her hair with Paulas choice and really only define the crown part as it is a different texture and really needs more conditioner. I dont pin her hair up at night but she does sleep on satin sheets and pillow case. She wont wear a hair cover. Shes 3 and way too actice to keep it on.

Miss E turning 2 in a month

Miss I - 4 years old

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I've used the tightly curly method on my hair. I'm still learning about the hair types, but I think I’m a 4a. I used the tightly curly method for almost a year and found it to work really nice on my hair, but I alter the smoothing part. Instead of identifying the individual clumps (since my hair shrinks so much), I use the denman brush as my way of clumping my hair then braid medium sections of my hair.

Once it dries, I unbraid the hair gently with moistened fingers (either olive oil or conditioner/water) and the clumps come out cute and stretched. Lately I've deviated from the method to try other techniques, but I still love it and it make my hair really soft and shiny.

I get the most shine with Herbal essence conditioners and Aussie. I'm looking forward to try the Alaffia conditioner with shea butter.

Jennifer, 4a

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I just found out about the tightly curly method yesterday and ordered the book from B & N. Your daughter is beautiful (all the kids I have seen in this thread are absolutely adorable). I'm excited to try the method on my 11 year old. She has been teased lately about her hair at school and it breaks my heart. I have tried since she was born to learn everything I can on taking care of her gorgeous curls and I want her to grow up to love them as well.

BTW - what is KCKT and KCCC? Thanks!
Yes, this does work on 4 b hair but mostly set in twists or braids.

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