Is it the CG routine safe for little kids?

I don't really know why it wouldn't be, I just want to make sure. I have a little sister who is 7 years old. When her hair was longer, it was always curly at the bottom, but now that it's been cut, she lost a bunch of her curl. Now, it's only curly when it's wet, and almost all day after she's washed it. But as soon as she sleeps on it, the curl is gone.
I was thinking about doing her hair the same way I do mine. I was thinking that I might start by mixing one tbs. of baking soda, with one tbs. of my conditioner and scrubbing that on to her scalp, and from then on I'd wash her hair with my conditioner. Do you think baking soda would be safe for her, or should I just do what others do and do one last low poo before I start co-washing her hair?
I was also thinking of plopping her hair. lol Have any of you ever plopped your kids hair?
I can't afford fancy products, so anything I use on her would have to be pretty cheap.
I think it should be safe as long as you really cleanse the scalp. I am having issues with my 10 year old daughter right now because she hasn't been rinsing her shampoo out well enough or not scrubbing well enough. She takes care of it herself and I don't think she is doing too good of a job. She only shampoos 3 times a week. She has broken out on her forehead and scalp and I think she may have dandruff. I would just be careful that it all gets clean and scrubbed. My daughter has very thick hair. I couldn't imagine plopping! I can barely do myself...LOL. Good luck!
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