Products for 8 year old girl

I was just wondering if anyone could share what products the use for their kids. I have an 8yr daughter who is biracial and has type 3c hair.

I found that Bee Mine and shea moisture works very well in my 6 yr olds hair, and she is a 3c also.
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-Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-
Well I'm not a parent, but my younger sister has type 3c hair as well. My mom cowashes her hair with suave naturals and then applies herbal essence hello hydration in it. Hope that helps
cowash: suave naturals coconut
leave in: mane and tail
styling: activation gel

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Nexxus Humanetress Condish as well as the shampoo ocassionally but i forget what its called. I had horrific damage to my hair and contiously went to the library trying to get books about biratial and curly and african american hair. I finally found the book and the title has sliped my mind but it had a story of a 8 year old girl who had alot of damage and used nexxus shamp and conish and the breakage was redused. It does help with managablity too. Next, i uses kinky curly curling custard right after i wash my hair and i go!!!

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