Very curly daughter with shrinkage

I have a daughter with VERY curly hair that tends to be a little on the dry side. I have bought lots of different hair products and I like some of them but I cannot find anything to elongate her curls or to keep them from frizzing. I would like to just leave her hair in its natural curly state but it shrinks too much and eventually looks dried out. I usually put her hair in braided ponytails and take the braids out the next day which gives her a wavy look without much shrinkage. But after awhile it looks a little wild. Basically, I am looking for some guidance because although I am curly too our hair is a little different. My hair is never dry and does not frizz if it is curly. Shingling method does not seem to work for her and the banding method is okay, but I end up braiding it afterward anyway to give it some life. Help, please! The attached picture is after I have braided it and taken the braids out.
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Your daughter is so cute! My son's hair is (in my opinion) 3a/b on the crown and then 3c underneath. He has a good amount of shrinkage as well. This is what I have learned about his hair so far:

The amount of shrinkage that I get is dependent on what kind of tools I use. If I use a TangleTeezer I get more. If I use a shower comb or a vent brush I get less.

Heavier products give him more shrinkage. I love to use Qhemet CocoTree Detangling Ghee (a tiny amount) mixed with a little water. Apply in sections and comb through. His hair stays moisturized and forms lovely spiral springs.

Lighter products give him more shine and the spirals on not as tight.

To help control the frizz, which he gets mostly on the crown I use a little bit of EcoSTyler Olive Oil. Keeps his hair frizz free and has a touch of hold and his curls don't look dried out at the end of the day. Of course, if he takes a nap, all bets are off.

Our daily routine would be something like this (I do not wash his hair every day. Maybe twice a week or once a week depending on what kind of products I've been using): Spritz hair with plain water. If hair has been washed day before detangle with TT. Take small amount of Eco Olive Oil and rub in downward motion onto crown and in front. Rub the residue on hands on the length of his hair. Comb through with either brush or TT (depends on what kind of curls I want). Put just a tiny, tiny dab extra on crown and bang area for hold and extra frizz protection.

Once hair has been styled do not touch again.

I think something like that may work for your daughter. The Eco Olive Oil is not hard or crunchy on his hair and keeps the frizz down and doesn't dry it out.

If he needs moisture (a couple of days after wash or a rough sleep session or something) then I use a little Qhemet B Amla or Burdock root mixed with a couple of drops of water. Then finish with the tiny bit of Eco Olive on top for the frizz.

I prefer to use more of a lotion type on his hair. The best product, my favorite product for him is, sadly, not available in the US but it works like a dream. It is a detangling conditioner that gives great, shine and big bouncy curls. I am planning on trying the Oyin Hair Dew when summer rolls around.

What kind of tools and products do you use on her hair?
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Thank you so much, Libracurls!

I currently use Mixed Silk shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. Then, I use Milk Protein& Olive Oil or Eco Styler or Proclaim Coconut Oil. I visited a site today called (I think) There was so much good advice there that I am considering changing my products. She seems to stop at the Leave-in and although I do that with my hair I never thought about doing it with my daughter's hair.

I also use a very wide-toothed comb to detangle but I am heading out now to buy a Denman brush - something else I saw on the site I mentioned above.

Thank you so much for sharing your regimen with me. I appreciate all the advice I can get!

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