Wet Hair in Ponytail Holders-Good or Bad?

Thought of another question...my daughter's hair shrinks so much that I usually put it in ponytails rather than let it hang loose. Is it a bad idea to do that? The holders have no metal parts, of course. They are called Pony Sox and are not the stiff kind. I plan to try the TightlyCurly method today but I thought I might modify it by still putting her hair in ponytail holders. I know that if I try to let it hang loose that it will be "all over her head" and because of the shrinkage I don't know how I will pull it up for her to go to sleep. Her hair is to her midback but once dry hanging loose, it is maybe chin length. Any help would be appreciated!
I don't see anything wrong with that, just as long as its not too tight. Have you tried braiding her hair in sections at night so that it wont shrink or tangle as she sleeps? Or you can try the banding method to help stretch out her hair. You just simply tie multiple hairties/bands going down her hair, and this will help stretch it out a bit.
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I dont think its bad at all. Actually it is the way i prefer to do my own daughters hair.

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