Curlformers giveaway

Hello Everyone, Im currently having a Curlformers Giveaway on my blog We will giveaway 2 Styling Kits for free! It's very simple to enter, to see our review and how it works come visit KandyLand: Curlformers Review/ Easter Style Thanks in advance
*Natural Childrens Hair Care Blog*
-Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-
Do you ship to the UK?
2 african parents...
1 girl...
about a million, coarse, low porosity strands on my big, 4b (some 4a), natural head

Visit my new blog y'all!
Im sorry but I don't this contest is only available for US/canada. But Curlformers website does ship to UK
*Natural Childrens Hair Care Blog*
-Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-

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