Not trying to toot my own horn but......


I had my daughters preschool end of year party, and after the slideshow of the program, several people came up to me and commented that seeing all my daughters different hair styles was so cool and neat....
Honestly it made me feel good- it is a long ways away from our crying days when she was 18 months old and she hated getting her hair combed and me being pin straight haired- had no idea what to do with all of those beautiful curls and texture! both of us were usually in tears by the end of a "hair session".
I have learned so much these past years- honestly mostly due to you guys and this site- and honestly have a passion for the hair... And thank goodness because I have two other curly haired daughters!!!
I try to be as creative as I can with her hair- my only problem is I can't crow row or French braid......yet!!!!
So thanks to all for your advice, encouragement!!!!!!!!
Great Job! It feels good when you see how your hardwork has finally paid off! Go go ahead and toot that horn! LOL
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Good job mom! Way to learn how to care for her beautiful hair!

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Love to see pix!
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You are beautiful!

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