Need advice for a friend with a curly kid

Hi, all. I have a friend who has a curly-haired daughter. She is using sulfate- and silicone-free products (I think - I told her what to look for, but I'm not sure she's gotten it exactly right yet), but is not sure what to do beyond that. I know how I take care of my own curly hair, but I'm sure it's different with kids, and I hoped you could give me some advice to pass along.

Her daughter is 21 months old, and my friend only washes her hair once a week. The little girl has 3B-ish ringlets all over her head, but there is also a lot of frizz. Her mom has mentioned to me that she combs/brushes her daughter's hair because she needs to detangle - I cringed when she said that and am trying to get her to not use brushes or combs anymore, but any advice you can give on daily detangling would help. I'm not sure what to tell the mom in terms of routine - if she doesn't do a full wash but once a week, should she be using a spritz bottle every day to wet it down and put fresh conditioner in? Do you guys co-wash your kids' hair? How often?

The mom is using drugstore products right now, but doesn't mind paying for better stuff if I can recommend something to her. Are there any particular products you all like for your kids' hair? The only lines I have heard of that are made for curly kids are Curly Q and Kinky Curly's kids line. If there are any other good ones out there, I'd love to be able to tell her.

Finally - when kids are this young, do you worry about protein/moisture and porosity and all that? Should she be doing strand tests to find out if she needs protein condishes or what have you?

Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated!!
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My advice for detangling would be to use a wide tooth comb and only detangle on wet hair, if you detangle on dry hair it will cause more frizz. Also try to finger detangle first, before using a comb since our fingers are more gentle. I wash once a week, I don't co-wash unless she has sand in her hair or etc. But mid week when I need to detangle or change her hairstyle I spray her hair with a mix of conditioner and water and begin detangling. My favorite product line is Bee Mine, her moisturizers are AMAZING! There are tons of products designed for curly hair I would suggest trying samples first if it's available. Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly, Carols Daughter, Mixed Chicks, Shea Moisture and etc. At 21 months I wouldn't worry about porosity, unless her hair is breaking or spliting. Just keep it simple wash, conditon, and moisturize.
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Thank you!
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Since she's only washing once a week, I'd invest in a good dc.

I don't have any kids but I gave my straight haired friend a dc for her 22 month old and she got good results.
Also you didn't mention a leave-in or moisturizer. If she's only washing and conditioning once a week that's a long time without moisture.
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my own daughter was about that age when i seriously started the CG routine on her. she's a 3b as well. now she's 4, but her routine is pretty much the same now as when i started her 2 yrs ago. i shampoo her hair once a week with a sulfate free shampoo.the rest of the week i co wash. for washing, i'm a big fan of any of the natural brands that you can find at walmart or target (burt's bees, kiss my face, yes to cucumbers, etc). as far as styling is concerned i've had great success with kinky curly knot today as a leave in and the curling custard as a styler. i also like curl keeper as a product to fight frizz. during the winter months i use yes to cucumbers leave in. since her hair stays pretty healthy, i deep condition once a month.

brush is not a bad word in our house. i brush and detangle my daughter's hair with a denman. when she is wearing her hair down and curly, i don't dry brush it for obvious reasons. i do keep a spray bottle of water handy to refresh her curls. also, we're big fans of satin pillowcases. i even drape a satin scarf over the back of her car seat.

my daughter's hair is fine and thin and seems to have normal porosity. i have learned to avoid prolonged usage of products with high protein because it makes her hair dry. i think knowing these things have helped me figure out which products to try and which to go ahead and skip.
Thank you all so much; I'm going to pass along all of these suggestions!
Sulfate/non-water-soluble silicone free since 8/16/10
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Med-coarse, normal porosity, low elasticity
Dye-free since 11/2010

When I was younger I had a spray bottle with just water in and would dampen my hair, that usually got rid of the frizz.
Also I would comb my hair through when it was soaking wet and covered in conditioner.

Hope I helped,

CurlyWurly2000 

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