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I have a 5yr. old daughter with 4B hair. Her hair is dry and thirsty for moisture. I have tried some nautral hair products that were too expensive an didn't work the way I thought they would. I would like something that's inexpensive and moisturize and detangles. I have tried a lot of hair products marketed toward black girls and women still don't get good results. I thought using a texturizer only b/c I don't know what else to do (really want to avoid it). Two to three times a year I let her get her hair pressed and she loves it that way. an afro is her favorite hair style. Want to keep her natural as long as possible. Please help.
What products have you tried? and what's your current routine for her? It's easy for me to list products for you to try. But I noticed that many times the problem is in the routine.
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-Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-
I agree- I want more info- on products you've tried and your routine.

I found the most success with learning more about the content of ingredients- getting away from sulfates, learning about silicones,etc.

Sealing in moisture with oils has done wonders as well.
I hate buying expensive products that don't work either!!!

Here are products that I havevhad the most success with:
Kinky curly knot today- about 12.00/ 8oz- but I love it! I substitute TRESemme naturals-nourishing moisture conditioner- knot today is a great detangler.
Kinky curly custard I love as a gel- 25.00/16 oz??? I think but it usually lasts me at least 6-12 months.
Coconut oil- you can get this in health sections of most grocery stores and/or health stores
Castor oil- I use Jamaican black- it's very heavy but I love it on my daughters 4a hair
Olive oil- can get anywhere!!! This works so good on my other daughters hair!
Shea moisture products- I'm currently trying a bunch of these- you can get them at walgreens and sometimes they run buy one get one sales! That's when I stocked up to try them. About 10.00- very natural products, I think a great value!
Suave natural conditioners- I use these for co-washing- they are 1.00!
Darcy's Botanicals- every product I have tried of hers, I love!! Her customer service is excellent- most of her products are 12.00 for 4-8oz. I can only get them online right now.

I simply have to use a lot of protective styles for my daughters 4a hair- twists, Bantu knots,etc.

I would try to learn more on this site about her texture, routines, and product ingredients! Unfortunately it s a process that I am constantly changing and adapting!!! Good luck!
The natural products: Curls for kids on and Carol's Daughter. Curls products did ok and Carol's Daughter worked pretty well only for a little while. I think the citrus in it was too strong for her scalp. Other shampoos tried: Creme of Nature Coconut shampood;Mane an tail moisture shampoo and conditioner, Kids Organic conditioning shampoo, detangler and hair dressing; Herbal Essence Hello Hydration; and Suave Professionals products. My routine: Shampoo and condition hair every week or two. After shampooing and conditioning I detangle hair and oil scalp with Kids Organics Hair Dressing. Then I style hair and let air dry.
Do you re-moisturize between washes? I reapply moisture at least every other day if not daily- with a spray bottle of leave in, an oil spray (ive used a shea moisture one and one from darcys botanicals, i think it would be easy to make your own), with a little coconut oil, or i co-wash it in between shampoos.
I have two curly heads, one is a 3b and the other is a 4c. I have learned a lot from this site and the only store bought item I use is conditioner. They co wash with an inexpensive conditioner and then we apply tresame curl moisture conditioner. When we shampoo we use a sulfate free shampoo and I dilute with water it in a separate container.. one part water one part shampoo. For a second day spritz we use a spray bottle with distilled water, conditioner, a lil bit of evo, and a lil bit of avocado oil. They spritz their hair everyday and then put conditioner on it.
I also do a deep conditioning at least two times a week... my favorite is half evo and half canola oil with a little bit of honey. I keep it in a bottle that I can just put in a cup of hot water to warm the oil up.
I recommend searching the forum for natural hair care and try different things until you find what works best for you.
Also I recommend purchasing the curly girl book it is a very informative book and worth the money. I refer to it as my 'hair care bible'....
i dont know about the kids organic line. Does the shampoo contain sulfates? Does the dressing have mineral oil or petroleum? Thos eingredianst dry hair out. I tried CD Healthy Hair butter and it was ok for my daughter, but not better than anything i can get cheaper. Maybe using 100% Shea butter as a moisturizer. Your technique doesnt seem bad. i would add more moisture in between washes. Maybe a spritz mixture to keep the hair supple.
My little one is 8yrs old and has 3b/4a hair type. I always loved her hair so much. So what I do is simple, I prepoo every other week. co-wash because I found this works best for her hair. I moisturize her hair every day. Now this does work for maintaining the level of moisture she needs since her ends get dry so much. I also try to keep her hair twisted or braided most of the time. Once or twice a month I let is be wild. She likes it.

Oils we use:

Coconut Oil (for her hair a must, it is like the saving grace. Her hair loves it)
tea tree

Wash day:

Cheap conditioner with the oils above in it and some honey
Treessentials mud wash works wonders for her hair.

Deep Condition:

This is something we do every week. It helps control frizz for her hair.

I use a organic deep conditioner
I also create my own.


Shea moisture
Shea Butter mix we create with oils above.

I hope this helps.

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