8yr old 3b roots 4b/c ends

My daughter hair stays so dry n is shedding what do I do?

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What are you currently using/doing?
*Natural Childrens Hair Care Blog*
-Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-
I use mixed chicks kids shampoo n conditioner. I also use sofn'free n' pretty shea butter cream. I shampoo her hair every other week.
You may want to switch products, soft n free contains mineral oil which is very drying to curly hair. Try to stay away from Mineral oil, petroleum & sulfates. I recommend using organic products and seal with coconut oil. I use Bee Mine, Darcy Botanicals, and Organix, they work very well.
*Natural Childrens Hair Care Blog*
-Hair Type 3C mixed with 4A-
. For my girls I have stopped using any products from the store except for conditioner. I use an inexpensive conditioner for their daily washes and then we apply a conditioner especially for curly hair comb it and let it air dry.
For shampooing which we do once or twice a month I use a sulfate free shampoo that I mix in another bottle with water, half water half shampoo.
When I feel they need some exfoliating on their scalp I use brown sugar mixed with their daily conditioner massage it on the scalp and rinse.
I also do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week sometimes two with extra virgin olive oil and honey.
They also use a satin pillow case to sleep on.
My youngest daughter has type 3b hair and for the longest time her hair was dry and brittle until I started doing this routine. Now it is soft,curly and not frizzy.
I also suggest researching the home recipes on here for more Tips and ideas. Good luck
I did a yogurt deep conditioner on her hair which helped with the shedding n I use EVOO as a hot oil treatment on my hair so I will try it on hers. Thanks for the advice ladies will use some of the recommendations.

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Kandy where do I find those products?

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As far as I know, most of them are available online. However, Organix can be found at Walgreens, Target, Walmart & CVS. If you google the other name products you will find the main website and other websites that carry the products.
As far as everything else, looks like the other ladies have given you great advice. I would try the organix line first as you s/b able to find it on the ground. I started using it on my 2yr olds and noticed how soft and supple it is after the first run. GL

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