Deep conditioner

what's the best deep conditioner

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I recently purchased Darcy's Botanicals deep conditioner- I've only used it once but loved the results!!!! I will try again this Sunday (or Tuesday) and let you know!!!!! It made her hair extremely soft and shiny! I haven't been diligent about deep conditioning this summer-oops! Normally it's once a week!!
What hair type?

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One of my daughters has thick 4a hair and the other fine 2-4a hair(she literally has almost every type of curl on her head!!!!) have you ever used any Darcy products??? They are usually $12 a bottle- the deep conditioner is 20. I have tried tons of products and I really love hers!!!! My 4a daughters hair can get so dry if I don't stay on top of it- she's 5 so sometimes I slack when summers here and stuff....can't wait to give this another go around!

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