2 yo w/ 2a, 3a...how to care?

Hi, I'm a 2c/3a mama...I'm just getting my info to start CG for myself.....DD is 2 yrs old and I've been using Burts Bees Head to Toe wash since she was born, I have also been using the J&J detangler for a year....her hair is really boticelli curly the bottom half/ nape of her neck but her canopy is barely wavy. Should I try just cowashing with suave naturals? i was hoping to get more of the ringlets on top? I normally washed her hair every other day w/ the Burts bees.
well tonight I'm going to use a little loreal kids tear free (has sulfates....need to get out all the dimethicone in the J&J detangler) and then follow w/ suave naturals conditioner. I've been using a ton of that detangler....and I'm hoping that the top of her hair (which got the most given its the closest to the spray) will curl up more and match the pretty 3a ringlets she has on the bottom once the cones are removed. wish me luck!

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