I need help with my almost 10 mon old son!

Forget it. No one is going to help so I am editing it.

Last edited by KeegMiles; 08-24-2011 at 08:54 AM.
You know what? Forget it. I will figure it all out on my own.
I don't know if you are frustrated at no response but I would love to tell you my regimen with my little one if it would help!!!???
When they are little, I try-tried to keep it as imple as possible- I hav a 5,3,1 year old. I wash once every 7-10 days- right now I'm using Shea moisture- moisture retention shampoo. Followed by a conditioner- use anything I have- suave naturals, Darcy's botanical conditioner, tresemmes naturals, Shea moisture deep moisture masque. Lightly rinse, follow up with a dab of coconut oil to seal in the moisture. From there I will either add nothing if we are staying in, or I may add a little gel- kinky curly custard or Eco styler, or curl enhancing smoothy.
I will conditioner wash up to two times between washes. And on a daily basis I will spritz her hair with water- her hair just loves water as moisture, but I do have to follow it with a leave in conditioner - like kinky curly knot today, Giovanni direct leave in. That's about it. Now, I would braid one of my daughters hair but my littlest ones hair is not as long as hers.

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