Bald patch- Help

My 2 year old daughter has a patch of baldness on the side of her head at the front. It looks like very fine hair is coming through but it's been like that for more than 6 months now. Was told by hairdresser it will grow but because it's so fine it looks bald. Everywhere else she has thick curls. Is there anything i can do to speed up the growth or actually make it start growing?

Any advice would be great.

Can anyone offers suggestions or tips?

There really isn't much you can do. You could start giving her scalp massages which stimulate blood flow and may encourage hair growth. Letting her sleep on satin pillowcases and/or sheets will help pevent her from losing any hair.

Blame it on the cell phone...
My daughter has the same thing, I know it isn't much help, but it drives me crazy as well. I was told recently a mix of castor oil and peppermint oil would stimulate growth, just started trying it so it is too early to tell the results, but it might be worth trying.
I've been doing a mixture of almond oil, water and leave in conditioner in a bottle together and honestly that has worked wonders and the hair is growing.
My daughter lost most her hair at 3 months on the sides & back. And at 2 she still had a few patches & thin spots. I didnt do anything special just washed it wkly or bi-wkly & kept her scalp greased & I would put lil ponytails in her hair or 2 strand twist what she had. By 4 she had a full head of hair. Older ppl told me dont worry about it b/c she'd have lots of hair. They werent kidding. Her hair became a real chore very thick & long. I did put a relaxer in it for about 2 yrs. Then when I went natural I stopped relaxing hers. She's turning 15 next wk & has very thick, curly, long hair that luckily she now keeps up herself. So dont worry about it, it will grow in & be more than u can handle.

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This is my daughters hair now, we blew it dry & were flat ironing it for school, so dont worry. I actually miss those days when she had patches & bald spots

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