shampoo advice

Hey everyone I wanted to know if I needed to put conditioner in my newborn's baby hair. I was thinking of using Aveeno shampoo, and wanted to know what else I should on someone so young. I caould really use the advice thanks
I would say it depends on how much hair baby has. My babies had little hair and I didn't need condish till they were older.
Stopped fighting the pregnancy induced waves (9 year battle) and became natural 5/11
2a/b? fine, low porosity
co wash- say yes to carrots, strawberries and cream Vo5
low poo- Lor'eal ever pure
leave in- burt bees very volumizing watered down
gel- beautiful curls wavy-curly, LA looks sport
scrunch and pump works for me
I used conditioner on my girls that young- suave naturals was kinda light. I love kinky curly products and they have a kids line- if she has lots of hair I would suggest that!

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