8yr old 3b/4b hair pt 3

Ok haven't been on here for a while but thanks to everyone who gave advice for my daughter's hair I will definitely use it.

Anyway since August my daughter's hair has not really grown and seems to still be breaking. About 2 weeks ago I did a mayo treatment (no egg) and it seemed to stop the breaking for a second but was still dry and weird so I braided it up for those two weeks. This week I did a hot oil treatment and used the shea moisture deep conditioner because it seemed like it was breaking (may have been because she had braids for 2 weeks) and co washed with organix coconut milk condish. Worse thing I could have ever done! Her hair started shedding more! I believe it was because of the shea moisture ( tried it on my hair and it made it dry and weird but her hair type is different so thought I would try it) definitely throwing that crap out! I know it wasn't the hot oil because I do that and the condition wash every time I do her hair and that is fine.

After her hair dried it wasn't shedding as much but it was still coming out so I clipped her ends and that seemed to subside it. Right now she is rocking 4 pony tails until she comes home from school then I'm wetting her hair and putting just the conditioner in as a leave in and sealing it with my shea butter oil mix and braiding. When I get paid I will go on the bee mine website and go for broke. Luscious moisturizer, shampoo and deep conditioner is what I will order and use until I see a change and also sealant. I think her hair can not tolerate protein so I will try this regime and see what happens.

Any other suggestions please feel free, wish me luck and I will keep everyone posted.
Hi I'm not a mom :P but I was that child 5 years ago so yea.. my mom used to wet my hair all day so it wasn't dry. Try kinky curly products. Life savers and hint you can never over condition hair when I was younger and even now I goto bed with my hair almost soaking in leave In or deep conditioner that I can wash out In the morning

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