ok so this is my DD 2nd hair.. it looks really nice but i did have to comb it..

i didnt wash it but she doesnt like the spritz bottle so i had to use water to get her hair wet and then i put KCKT with a bit of tresemme naturals.. then i sealed with a baby massage oil that has sweet almond oil in it (no silicones or mineral oil), then used kinky curly curling custard and it was a big success.. pretty much what i do when i do wash her hair..

this is what it looked like in the morning taken at roughly 7 am..

success with my DD-img_20111124_084004.jpg

and now, its 2.10pm

success with my DD-img_20111124_140730.jpg

im glad its not as frizzy as it used to be, i used to get her hair perfect in the morning and itd turn out like this in the afternoon.

success with my DD-dsc02006.jpg

i hope you can see the photos properly.. i also think she is a 3a/3b mix.. normal - high porosity..

(and sorry for blocking her face my partner doesnt want her face on the net.. )