Need help - Mom with Straight hair needs to handle daughter with curly hair


I have long straight hair (midback), my 9 year daughter has shoulder shoulder lenght curly hair, I would guess a 2c/3a. She loves her curly hair, but both of us are at a loss for caring for it. She washes it and it curls. Our fight is when she sleeps on it, what can I do with it so she does not have bed head?????? Also I knwo with long staight hair you can pull it up, but a on head band, etc... But I have no idea what to do with it to dress it up.

Any and all help is appricated because I am at a total loss.


Sarah's mom

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I am a wavy with a curly child, who is 6. We have a lot of frustration because she is tender-headed and cries almost every time I do her hair. After a shower, I have been putting Knot Today in her hair and the following morning her hair is the most tangle free it ever is. Since we don't wash her hair every day the following morning are more problematic.

I think my daughter is at the point where she needs a trim. It seems like the tangles do come out easier after a fresh trim.

She wears a lot of head bands because she loves them. Since she's 6 we do a lot of other normal girl stuff like pig tails and a braid. Her hair is parted on the side and the side with more hair bothers her, so I always do something to hold it back.
My mum always used to French braid the front of my hair, I always loved it as she'd do it every so often for special occasions
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