When to start using products on babies?

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I have a 3 month old DD with curls. I am a 3c but we can't tell yet what she will be. Right now, we're only using baby shampoo, but her hair seems dry sometimes. Should I be using anything else or when should I start?
I wouldn't use anything else for a long, long time. Young hair is so beautiful! If her hair is dry try diluting the baby shampoo with water, maybe like 50/50 with water. It will still clean well.

Oh I wonder if Chargrin Valley Soap (via the interne) has baby soap. I use their soap on my hair. I love it.

Enjoy her!
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At 3 months, I m wondering how often you’re washing her hair. It may be too frequent and causing the hair to be more dry. I wouldn’t wash it too often as seriously how 'dirty' can her hair be? When my daughter was that young I washed with baby shampoo then applied a light oil on wet hair. Done. In between washes, I'd just wet it and apply oil. At the time I never realized I was sealing. I was actually looking for shine, but it worked.
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DS is 15mo and 3b. I like Shea moisture head to toe baby wash(Walgreens or target). His hair and skin are both soft and clean. I like a leave in California baby (target) or alba botanica fragrance free LI (iHerb.com; I use it too) diluted by half with water. All of these are pretty concentrated. I've been meaning to try the Shea moisture in a foam/aerator bottle.
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