Please help with products for 20 month old! No clue what I'm doing!

My 20 month old has 3a/3b hair. I really need help bc its usually a frizzy mess and loses curl. I shampoo 2-3x a week with Johnson and Johnson, and use whatever conditioner I use (Garnier fructisse) after and comb through it w/the conditioner. I'll put in a little mousse after her bath and use J&J detangler in the morning. But her hair never really looks good!

I'd like to start using the more natural products I've been reading about here, but don't know where to start! I'd prefer to get something I can buy in store- I have Ulta, Sally, Harmons etc nearby. Cheaper would be great too! Can you tell me what your routine is and what you use on your child?

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I don't have a child, but my products are listed in my signature. It would be really helpful if you could tell us more about her hair properties and how long it is. Also, what specific problems are you having? Is it Frizzy? Dry? Tangled?

Do you brush it when it's dry? A lot of people find that brushing dry curly hair causes frizz and makes them lose curl definition. I'm really not sure that the J&J detangling spray is a good idea. Maybe you could try mixing her conditioner with water and spraying that into her hair to detangle. Also, leaving a little of the conditioner in after your shower as a leave-in might help. If her curls are coming undone then the mousse might not be doing a good enough job at hold them in place or her conditioner might be leaving her hair unmoisturized.

A lot of people here use the Curly Girl Method, which involves changing to silicone, mineral oil, and sulfate free products. These links might help you.

This Website's page for newbies. Also, check out the forum section at the top for newbies, lots of useful information.
Learn about hair type
How to Follow the Curly Girl Method
The College Curly on the Curly Girl Method
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I would really recommend using something other than J&J... There have been many reports coming out about them using cancer causing chemicals in their products. Other countries have banned these chemicals, therefore J&J revamped their formula... But not in the US.
thanks! I'd say the problem is all three- definitely frizzy, a little dry, and very tangled. I used to brush it several times a day! because it was so tangled after her nap, in the morning, from the car seat etc, but a friend with curly hair told me to stop immediately lol. I think she does need a better styling product, I'll look at the ones you have listed
I love the Shea Moisture line. I have a 3yr old and we basically use the same products. They use good ingredients IMO, especially for the price. They also have a few products targeted to babies. The shampoo can be purchased from Walgreens. It’s actually on sale now for $8 its usually $10. Good Luck
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