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Shrill 01-06-2012 02:00 PM

Help me choose some new products please!
Hi all. My daughter is 4. She has very sensitive skin and blond (caucasion), curly hair. It is straight underneath at the back (probably left over baby hair as she started out straight) and can get very curly, especially at the front, little corkscrew curls: although it is hard for me to tell what type she is: maybe a 3b?

Anyway, originally, we had a cut at curly hair salon and were using pure curls clarifying shampoo 2x a week, and knot today as a leave in every night. Then detangling in the morning with some water in a spritzer with the conditioner mixed in. That worked wonderfully.

Then we ran out the kinky curly which was hard to get and expensive so we tried krly kids from ouidad (not bad) and Giovanni direct leave in. Both worked okay for a while, not great. But lately, her hair is losing it's curl and getting very messy. I'm pretty sure it is a combination of a bad haircut at a kids salon and the product. We're in Toronto, so dry cold air here. Putting a bit less of the Giovanni seems to help somewhat.

She's finally running out of shampoo (1 1/2 years later!), so I'm on the prowl for more and wondering what you all use and like? I have managed to find some knot today at a much better price so will look at getting that, but would love to hear your suggestions there too.


mrsponds2011 01-17-2012 08:30 PM

What if you buy some kinky curly on ebay because I its hard to come by things in Canada

famus_darling 01-22-2012 08:24 AM

My initial thought when I read was to suggest you look at the ingredients on the products you're using. It sound like they might have glycerin or protein and because of dew points in Toronto it might be affecting her hair. Protein is my second thought because of the all of a sudden it was frizzy. Sounded like protein overload on protein sensitive hair. I know enough to be dangerous, but look at the protein sensitive board for signs that might be the case and if it is prod reccomendations. Once you find out that you should be able to find products locally that don't cost too much.

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