Wavy girls

I have 2 beautiful wavy haired girls aged 5 & 7.

The youngest has super soft, fly-away blond hair, F(extra f?) ii, 2a-ish curls and normal-low porosity. Currently cut to just above shoulder length with some long layers and bangs. Her hair has a ton of volume and tends to frizz.

The older one has F-M ii 2a-2b and normal porosity. Her hair is long... arm pit length and blunt cut with bangs. She wants to grow it long, but also wants it curly like mine(Miii, 2b-3a, normal-high porosity) It tangles like mad and tends to feel like straw most of the time.

I have started co-washing both girls and have done a couple DT on both of them. They bathe in the evening and sometimes go to bed with wet hair. I have not put any styling products on their hair yet.

I am hoping someone can help me? I am looking for product and routine ideas. As well as style ideas, especially for older DD. I have been putting it in braids to keep it from getting tangled, but am wondering if layers might help bring out her curl more?

Any suggestions are helpful, Thanks!
Wavy girls-100_2240%5B1%5D.jpg

Wavy girls-100_2241%5B1%5D.jpg

Wavy girls-100_2243%5B1%5D.jpg

These were taken this morning, no products or combing. I did spritz a little water on the youngest to try and tame it down a bit.

I am also going to post this in the 2's forum
A work in progress.....
Curl pattern: 2b-3a (i think)
Thickness: Medium
Density: iii
Porosity: Slightly higher than normal
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet
Style: L.A. Looks Perfect Shine

Wanting to try: EVERYTHING!!! (but am trying to pace myself)

I LOVE smilies!!!
For the elder just scrunch some gel in and that should hopefully tame her. I recomend la looks sport gel or herbal essences set me up. Go for a strong hold and put in enough, if it gets crunchy just wait until her hair is 100% dry and scrunch out the cruch ou coul also try plopping oh of your girls over night so they wake up with damp hair and then you could scrunch in some more gel mixed with water to ensure no frizz. You can probably do the same you your younger girl too just make sure you co wash and Detangle with a wide toothed comb in the shower with conditioner! For our long haired girl I would ask if you could get an inch off (so it won't be tangy and then you don't have To rip out her hair)

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