My Daughter's Hair

This pic is my daughter 1 yr ago. (Couldn't find a good recent pic) Her hair is longer now and frizzier. People think she is mixed but she is just white. I think she is a 3a or 3b not sure. The longer her hair gets when it dries the more it looks like a lions mane. When I use gel, it tames it and looks good but it also looks crunchy and starts to frizz at the top of her head.

I'm looking for a good detangler and products to tame her hair. I also would like to know if I need her hair cut a certain way to make her hair look better. I love her curls and want her to be proud of them. My husband always wants me to put her hair in a pony tail because he is embarrassed of the frizz.
Please help!

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Her hair is beautiful! I wish my girls had hair like that. Both of them have wavy hair but my oldest has very dry and frizzy hair that tangles easily. The most important thing is moisture! I use Ion Inspired by Nature Coconut milk Detangler as soon as she gets out of the bath. Don't use shampoo on her hair and get a really good conditioner. I usually use Suave Naturals and let my daughter pick the scent. I get the family sized bottle because her hair is about the middle of her back and we use a lot of it at a time. Also don't comb her hair when dry. Try using a curl cream or just some conditioner as a styler instead of gel, it can be a bit to much for young hair. Lately I have been using hairstyles from on both my girls. They are to rambunctious to wear there hair down most days. Their hair still looks cute and is protected and out of their face. Either do it at noght and have her sleep on a satin pillow or wet her hair really good with a spray bottle and the detangler in the morning and do it. Just look out for silicone in your products! that way you don't have to use a shampoo. HTH!
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Curl pattern: 2b-3a (i think)
Thickness: Medium
Density: iii
Porosity: Slightly higher than normal
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet
Style: L.A. Looks Perfect Shine

Wanting to try: EVERYTHING!!! (but am trying to pace myself)

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