how do you get the tangles out???

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Can someone please tell me how you get the tangles, or should I say mats, out of your kids hair? The only way I know how is to brush them out (using a silicone based detangler).

I have 12 y/o twin daughters who have 2A-2B and 2B-2C hair. Their hair is also very frizzy. Since I'm not in the shower with them I usually brush it out before they shower and then use a wide tooth comb directly after they get out. My daughter has tried to comb her hair in the shower, but she finds it really hard to do. OTOH, their hair is so frizzy it makes me think I am damaging it when I brush/comb it.

Can anyone give me some tips? Does anyone have any favorite detangling conditioners? Is there any such thing as silicone free detanglers (we're trying to go CG)? Finally, if they can only comb their hair wet, are they going to have to get in the shower every day to keep the tangles at bay?

Thanks in advance!
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Only come hair when it is saturated wet and has a lot of conditioner in it. Only use a wide tooth comb. You do not have to do this daily.
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Dealing with curly hair, brushing it when its dry makes it frizz up and shed. Maybe before they get in the shower, wet their hair or occasionally wash it first before you brush it out. If you do decide to wash it, shampoo it in the sink and after you rinsed it out put in conditioner. Then is the best time to comb out your daughters hair with a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush (maybe even both) and when they go to shower let them rinse out the conditioner. Since hair is supposed to be washed 2 times a week you dont need to wash it every time they're going to get in the shower, instead you should wet it and comb it out instead of using a paddle brush. I only use a paddle brush when im washing my hair. I've experienced that brushing your hair with a paddle brush when its wet and doesnt have conditioner in it pulls out strands of hair. Good luck I hope this could help!!!
I use kinky curly knot today on my daughter. It's a really nice leave in and detangler. I also suggest using a satin pillowcase. It will drastically reduce the tangles, matting, and frizz. Also, if your girls hair is long enough try pulling their hair in a low braid before bedtime. That way in the morning you can just release the braid and not have to worry about detangling.
I second the satin pillowcase and braid(s) for prevention purposes. Pre-pooing with AVJ and EVCO after the fact and you can add a slippery condish, if needed and allow a couple hrs to sit instead of immediately trying to detangle yield good results.

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What are AVJ and EVCO? Is there somewhere on the board dedicated to decoded the acronyms? I have no idea what these products are.
What are AVJ and EVCO? Is there somewhere on the board dedicated to decoded the acronyms? I have no idea what these products are.
Originally Posted by lovejoyland
Aloe vera juice and extra virgin coconut oil. There is a long list of acronyms in the newbies section.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
A good comb makes a lot of difference! I suggest you get a good wide-tooth comb which is intended for detangling curly hair. It should run about $5 or $10 at any drugstore or discount store. My daughter is 11 and has 3a/b hair which is mid-back length and becoming coarse. She is able to comb her own hair in the shower, when it is soaking wet and slathered in conditioner. (We use Suave Naturals). For non-shower days, we soak it with a spray bottle and work in a little bit of conditioner with our hands before combing. We don't use a brush ever!
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Use a wide-toothed comb and it's much easier if their hair is combed while they leave in their conditioner for a few minutes.

I agree with the comments above, never use a brush on curly hair.

Also, for taking care of the frizz, try using Argan oil. It's a natural product that has many benefits for hair (smooth, shine, de-frizz, prevents hair loss) and it isn't greasy at all.
TANGLE TEEZER brush! It's the best thing ever !! My daughter gets mats everyday and this brush allows me to completely detangle without a peep from my 2yo. I've tried going back to a wide tooth comb and it was much rougher and more damaging than a tangle teezer brush. It's the only comb or brush I'll use now too.

Warm water will help remove sticky things.

A light coat of olive oil after brushing restores her curl no problem, and adds shine. Or brush before washing and the water will reset the curl. Or brush when the hair is coated in conditioner. Don't brush when the hair is just wet, that's when hair is at it's weakest and most prone to breakage.

I've also found that a light coat of olive oil after brushing, particularly before bed, greatly reduces tangles and frizz.

My daughters hair is 2b/2c.

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I don't have a young child to work with on long curly hair, but for my own hair, I get the tangles out by not touching my hair with comb or fingers until I apply a cream leave-in conditioner gently from roots to ends. Seems to make the tangles disappear. Then I gently put a comb through, starting at the ends and working up toward roots. My breakage has reduced a lot since I started doing this a few years ago.
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